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    Previously unseen pictures of Miura (from Akkiu's blog)

    Cool find. Her blog is crazy. Look at all those animals they have. Dogs, cats, birds, turtles, lizards, and meerkats. :???: And monkeys, snakes, owls... They have a whole zoo.
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    SkullKast: Episode 101 - Dawn of the Empire

    I got a chance to finally listen to this today. Really great discussion. So much to look forward to. Like you guys I'm really excited about the direction Falconia is taking. So much more interesting than the generic fan theories of mass sacrifices and so on.
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    Episode 358

    I really love this episode. It brought back to mind past discussions about how the IOE molded Griffith to be more like Gaiseric in order to achieve it's goals. An evil empire to wage war on supernatural beings, and I'm sure especially including the ones that work with and protect humans from...
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    Episode 358

    It can't happen yet. Guts needs to kick in the door when the priest asks if anyone objects.
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    SkullKast: Episode 98 - Nosferatu Zodd

    Thanks for the podcast. I think we all needed this...
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    Status of Berserk's Pre-publication

    Miura did not get us a present this year. :judo:
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    Dark Horse Releasing Berserk Guidebook

    The publishers fully embraced the Jrpg meme :schierke:
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    Episode 356 part II

    my Google translate skills have failed me...
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    Status of Berserk's Pre-publication Unfortunately, because the way the weeks in the month are laid out, we wont find out till the 13th.
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    Episode 352

    Yeah I can't help but feel that we have heard this all before. At least we know that we will be getting a few episodes in a row and hope for something more consistent in the long run.
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    SkullKast: Episode 90 - Mythbusters

    Re: Skullknight.NET Podcast: Episode 90 I was not expecting the special guest. :ganishka: Loved the episode. Really clear and concise explanations. For the most part I had most of this figured out but you guys explained it so well that my understanding of some of these topics is even better...
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    Volume 39 release

    Even when dealing with Guts and the rest of the main cast? It's only a couple of instances, but it just stuck out because for majority of the time, there is detail when it can fit. To me this is a bit silly. The thickness of the lines on a characters face varies from panel to panel, just...
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    Volume 39 release

    My volume came the other day and I really don't see any "wonkiness". I really think people are making a big deal over nothing. All the art work in the issues of Young Animal has always looked fine to me. It is these weird scans that people are seeing that are different. Going on and on about...
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    Episode 351

    Fair enough. I just find myself trying to think of something similar in another work that does not involve the main character fighting a bizarro version of himself in some boring, repetitive way. The fact that he just slammed it and did not bother to back up his opinion with anything of...
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    Episode 351

    Care to expand on this? I'm interested.
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