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    Fury Sword(Dragon Slayer)

    Yea i was about to get this... but like direct, i too thought it should be wider.. I was waiting untill the auction ended so I could get it for $699, but someone bought it already... guess i never expected anyone to get it.. haha.
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    Berserk Tattoo

    Okay I've just decided to get this brand as my first tattoo... So I can get the feeling of it, you know, before getting something big and fancy... but yea, what do I do first? Do I bring a pic of it to the shop or what? thanks in advance.
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    Berserk Tattoo

    Any of you guys with the brand tattoo have pics of it? I was thinkin of gettin one also.. that'll be crazy to see a group of people with the brand on them...
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    The Sword

    I've seen clouds buster sword hand forged before... it was about 48-1/2" total length and weighed about 14.0 pounds. Also had a full tang design and his very sharp.. well from what the description says... sold for about 400 bucks... I asked them if they could make the Dragon Slayer for me...
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    New item on ART OF WAR website: Crystal Art: Beherit

    Thanks again!!! Your info really helped me a lot. Buy now pay later? So basically you just order on the site to make sure you have your statue reserved? And you just pay when they ship it out right? okay I'm familiar with that. I also know that EMS is the best way to go.... seamail or i...
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    Looking to buy my first berserk statue...lots listed.

    Sup DirectDK, Thanks for the reply. Yea I thought that 500 was a pretty good number only because it was an even number.. haha never thought about the value increasing... but yea, it wouldn't matter to me because I'm not like other people who buy and sell later.... When I say that I'm a...
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    *NEW!*PS2 Game video 4 - Guts vs Gurunberd; Giant on the battlefield.

    Re: *UPDATE*PS2 Game video 3 - Guts vs Zodd; Zodd's Transformation Hey pepos what level of difficulty was the zodd fight in? I have the game also, but only played it on normal mode.. So I've never seen the part where you actually land a blow on zodds shoulder at the end of that scene..
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    Looking to buy my first berserk statue...lots listed.

    Hey woot, I have the same one!!! But what i don't get is that i have the one where he has a wooden or mud base at the end of the sword.. but in the Art of War site, theres a scatter bomb...  eh oh wells.. what # do you have?  i have #500, i kno it doesn't matter.. but yea.. haha awright late.
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    New item on ART OF WAR website: Crystal Art: Beherit

    Hey sup, I'm new here and just wanted to know if you guys could help me out.. I am also a big Berserk fan and really want to get that Crystal Art: Beherit... It's just that I don't really know how to order from that site.. I'll get that no matter the cost, so please help me out. I was also...
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