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    Mad archer at large

    Dont know if anyone follows the news in california, but ive noticed once in a while someone is slain by an arrow, when i hear that first thing that comes to my head is who the hell uses a bow in a world of guns? is there some kind of mad archer running around? and they always seem to get away...
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    Anybody on Myspace?

    youre right it is a popularity contest. i actually deleted mine because of the same problems you faced, noone really wants to be your friend. :judo: but i made one again because of the "REAL" friends i did have wondering where the hell i went. so pretty much use it to keep in touch with people...
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    NIN Ghosts 1

    the whole idea of it being an instrumental soundtrack is a revolutionary idea for such a band to do, if the music is as good as their a warm place song i think were in for something good. perhaps itll replace the silent hill 3 soundtrack on my favorites list. :troll:
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    NTSC-J's fan art

    hey NTSC-J  kuro  :miura: here, some advice, you should use a mechanical pencil for cleanup rather than for sketching, use drawing pencils. the ones with smoother lead work best like 4b or anything over 2b. k then bye for now  :badbone:
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    Favorite Godhand?

    :serpico: ive gotta say the godhand wouldnt work missing one of them so i like them all equally in different respects.well maybe without conrad...jk :void: i would choose slan but thats just typical  :carcus:
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    kurokenshi's art

    :serpico: actually ive never tried to draw anyone from trigun! ill make sure i do in the very near future though. hopefully ill have something posted by next week :griff:
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    Borgoff's art

      :zodd: your inking is the stuff of legend, great reproductions  :miura:
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    kurokenshi's art

    :guts: thanks Raziel, yeah ill try to get some more berserk art in.  :serpico: the fingers do look funny huh!
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    Xinoen's Art

    :griff: you're a lucky one, you've got your very own style. keep it up and great things may come :miura:
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    kurokenshi's art

    :serpico: yeah, i didnt notice these things before until now. but this drawing is a year old  :guts: i just thought it was decent not brilliant. :griff:
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    Green Photography

    Very nice photography,  i like the first one, it looks like it would be on an album cover or something and the 6th one, you really captured a moment there.  :carcus: it  looks like it could be from an Alfred Hitchcock film. great job. you've got a good sense of composition and an eye for...
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    Do you listen to Berserk music when reading the manga?

    :guts: Yeah susumu hirasawa's music is very similar to the music in berserk, Especially since Kentaro Miura himself said he drew the manga while listening to Susumu Hirasawa, in the voice only interview on one of the dvd's. :miura: Yeah some of my favorite songs are the westward of time,high...
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    kurokenshi's art

    Thanks for saying so Skullgrin140 :serpico: that means alot to me :judo: JK no really though, cause thats what i want to be someday. :miura: EDIT: :griff: heres a really old pic i drew. :serpico: Its small but it think it looks ok for being old. It's of Rei Ayanami from Evangelion. though this...
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    kurokenshi's art

    :serpico: hey everyone here's another pic,this time it's griffith :griff:, drawn from the manga, again the scan looks less bright this time though? im just barely learning to use a scanner so i hope its not too dull.
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    Spikey's Colors

    hey Spikey ive gotta say you improved greatly over a year from your first pic to your new one. :serpico: nice work!
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