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    New Berserk animation project confirmed

    Now don't be like that Wally... I've been following the manga a bit slower than darkhorse has been pumping them out, but I still follow it. I just kinda stopped visiting the community... It's not like it was plastered all over the internet when you guys landed that interview with Miura... :p...
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    New Berserk animation project confirmed

    So are you guys ready for the influx of people who used to visit here and haven't done so in years? *points at self* :schnoz:
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    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    Thanks Nomad! You just saved me 12 bucks! ;D
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    one liners you love

    I thought this was one of the forum's favorite one liners... ...even though I wasn't here to enjoy it at the moment... after reading that thread its still funny. ;D
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    Dont leave earth without your towel!

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Movie is coming out on april... That book kicked ass... and the trailer seems to be pretty good. Any comments/complaints?  :P
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    Dreamcast with Berserk Game 4 Sale!

    So the berserk game is a copy?
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    Infectious freshness

    Well what about this one? Fans of the Matrix... remember its a joke. Dont take it personally.
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    Infectious freshness

    -_- Goddamit! I even tried searching before posting... :-[
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    Infectious freshness

    Found one! Very refreshing! I know a lot of people with feel very femiliar with this and the Admins will like it. ;D
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    Episode 250

    How 'bout: It WILL be.  ??? :P
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    Top Ten Movies of 2004

    Well considering the ones we did see, lets give it a 70% chance the movie sucked if you didnt see it...  :P Im not saying ALL movies sucked... Im saying the mayority sucked which is why 2004 sucked movie-wise... ;D
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    Top Ten Movies of 2004

    Well most of us did point out that 2004 sucked movie-wise (If I didnt Im pointing it out now). And I see you agree with us but I think the purpose of the thread is to point out what you consider the best of 2004. Right? So whats your opinion? Even if you would have to say its "the best of the...
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    Top Ten Movies of 2004

    What about Hidalgo? I enjoyed that movie...  :) EDIT: Oh yeah, and The Passion of the Christ was very well made. EDIT#2: And maybe Troy?
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    Angels & Demons

    This is a spoiler for those who hanvt read the book man, Id suggest maybe editing your post?
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    Charlie and the chocolate factory

    "microwave blender" indeed... LOL, that was funny man. Edit: I just finished reading the other poems/short stories/watchamacallit and I have to say Tim Burton has a really wierd mind.
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