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    Duranki - New series for the studio of Kentarō Miura

    Story and characters are alright so far but I can't help admiring the artwork and staring at many of the panels, the manga's consistently been very high quality in that regard. I've even warmed up to the bigger eyed, rounder faces that most of the characters have as well (which I thought looked...
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    Duranki - New series for the studio of Kentarō Miura

    I'm really, REALLY liking the artwork in these episodes so far. The wolves and backgrounds in particular look amazing. Pan looks extremely adorable too, dare I say one of the cutest mascots in manga I've seen? I think my only critique is that in a couple of panels there's too much variation in...
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    I'm only getting Prime 1's 1/3 scale Guts (the 1/4 scale Guts's faces look horrible imo) but I'm really impressed in the level of detail each statue has (well you'd hope if you're paying over a grand for it lol). I'm sure the SK on horseback statue will look amazing, but $3,600 for a statue...
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    Previously unseen pictures of Miura (from Akkiu's blog)

    Wow Miura looking great for his age!
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    First4Figures Berserk Line Announced

    Been a long while since the last post but just bumping this to let people know that orders for all versions close on Friday (after tomorrow)!
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    Vampira's colorings

    These are amazing! I particularly love the shimmer on Slan's intestine-hairs
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    Castlevania showrunner wants to animate Berserk

    If Shankar were to produce it, we all know it would be something like a 5-episode show adapting only one of the most grimdark parts of Berserk since he enjoys making those kind of shows and it's just what his audience likes. I wouldn't have any problems with that since I think he could make a...
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    Should I get the Dark Horse Berserk volumes or the Glénat ones?

    Just want to warn that the Glénat volumes' pages are cut off a bit at the bottom compared to the original tankōbon (and the Dark Horse volumes). Here's some examples I took from volume 37 (Japanese, Dark Horse, Glénat): ^Notice how much higher Farnese's arms are cut off ^Notice how much...
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    Guts 1/3 scale just went up for pre-order! Release date April-July 2020 Regular edition comes with 2 different heads, LED base - $1,099 Deluxe edition is regular edition + 2 extra heads, 2 Pucks, 1...
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    [FS] AOW collection and possibly more

    Sent you a PM!
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    [FS] TCG sets

    I'm selling sets of 60, 53, and 40 TCG cards from the 3rd TCG set by Konami! They're all mutliples that I have and that I would like to sell off. Thinking of also selling many multiples I have of other sets. Set of 60 -> $80 free shipping...
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    Wow...I have never seen a more perfect 3D rendition of Schierke's appearance since the ps2 game models. Phenomenal job, I'm looking forward to how it all looks in the end! You are so incredibly talented :ubik:
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    2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)

    Actually...they're planning to go even further than the battle at Flora's mansion with 13 episodes. Guts is supposed to get the Berserker armor in episode 9 according to episode titles that were already released. So there's 3-4 episodes more after Guts and his crew escape from Grunbeld and the...
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    2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)

    So we shouldn't complain that the "best manga ever" is getting a rushed and amateur-looking adaptation? Sounds fair. This second cour isn't a panel-to-panel adaptation. In episode 13 and 14 they skipped Griffith's, Zodd's, Locus's, and Grunbeld's infiltration of Shet, and instead just cut from...
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    Meh, wasn't very impressed with how he turned out, for the price. Something about the faces and proportions feels off to me, and the base is just overflowing with randomly inserted elements, so it's a pass for me. Also I hate to be that person but...if we're talking about a perfect Guts statue...
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