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    The Big Berserk Exhibition

    Came across this amazing fan art (Re: Guts boobs mouse pad) :ganishka: (by kuconoms on Twitter)
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    Oniri Creations - Berserk line

    I put in a pre-order! The base and the blood effects don't bother me much, actually; I really like the pose, sculpt, and overall details, plus always wanted a 1/6 scale Zodd to go along with Gecco Guts, so this was a must for me :zodd: Honestly I'm the most excited about their previously...
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    Thanks for taking and uploading pics from the livestream, Atocas! I uploaded the reveal clip with Guts here: BTW, Prime 1 also announced previously that a 1/3 scale Guts in the same armor is underway too (see here). Can't wait for that since I have their 1/3...
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    Attack on Titan: Final Season (2020)

    Been a longtime fan (I remember reading the first manga chapter back when it was freshly scanlated about 10 yrs ago), to be honest I'm disappointed mainly because of the obvious step-down in visuals that we're going to get in season 4. The animation will undoubtedly be great (MAPPA can do well...
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    First4Figures Berserk Line Announced

    Eh, my main issue is that it just does NOT scream "Skull Knight" to me. The subject piece of the base doesn't seem to be that relevant to his character (having troll guts like in Qliphoth would have been more daunting especially since it was a much more memorable scene) and his pose is a little...
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    Duranki - New series for the studio of Kentarō Miura

    Thanks for sharing! Looks nice from the picture, but I'm not a huge fan of the bold/thicker outlines of characters compared to the cross-hatch/sketchy details of the backgrounds, they don't really fit well together. I wasn't a big fan of this in earlier chapters too. Also, I wish the heads...
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    Guts Black swordsman 1/6 Red MARK x Inflames "sword in the wind"

    Nope. Maybe had licensing issues or they lost interest.
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    Threezero 1/6 articulated figures

    Pre-orders OPEN!! Price: $230 USD (shipping included) from their store (link above) Release date: 4th quarter 2020 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Waited 4 years for this since it was first teased, just had to order 2! Also thanks...
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    Oniri Creations - Berserk line

    I like the concept a lot and am glad that we can buy the statues separately! Pre-eclipse Griffith: 249,17 Euros = about $274 Femto: 382,50 Euros = about $420...
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    Oniri Creations - Berserk line

    Statue goes up for pre-order in 15 hours but still no actual photos of the statue in full? Weird advertising choice. :schierke: Anyways, LOVE how pre-eclipse Griffith looks (except how his eyes aren't actually looking at the behelit) and I do agree that the paint/colors on Femto could be much...
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    Prime 1 also unveiled a new line of smaller sack-like figurines, called Cutie1, with Guts, Griffith, and Zodd! Set for release in May and each runs for 3,500 yen. No further details released yet but they seem to be about 4 or 5 inches tall. Zodd definitely looks the cutest of...
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    Threezero 1/6 articulated figures

    WOW!! That's great! No wonder it looks so good, and here I was dreaming of owning one of their sculpts one day :guts: Now I wonder if it's alright to reach out and ask if there's plans to have a helmet-less head...
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    Threezero 1/6 articulated figures

    Reviving this thread, Berserker Guts was shown off at Winter Wonder Festival and ThreeZero says that he'll be up for pre-order soon: Pics below, he looks really great and I'm psyched that we're finally getting a Berserk figure that...
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    Love Casca's pose but for some reason her face doesn't scream "Casca" to me, similar to their 1/4 Guts and Griffith statues. Guess Prime 1's sculptors' face sculpts and artistic liberties they take on sculpts just aren't my cup of tea. Also, not exactly sure what it is about SK's statue, but it...
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