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    What remains to be addressed in Berserk

    Great list, Aaz. I have a question about the God of the Abyss: what do you think would have happened to it in the end? Would its control over humanity be broken with the God Hand's demise, at least temporarily? Will it go on to form another God Hand millennia later? To be honest, I already...
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    What Are You Playing?

    I bought Into the Breach after Aaz got me interested, and a metroidvania called Vigil: The Longest Night. Can't wait to start both! I still haven't finished that one. Even without the Elden Ring hammer which shattered all my interest in this game, it was already hard to stomach with its awful...
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    What Are You Playing?

    Finished Stray and wow, I was not expecting it to have the depth it did or to . Loved the experience. Meow/10.
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    What Are You Playing?

    I have the perfect solution for you: I Am Fish! This game seems like such a pain to play that it may destroy her liking for this genre! Depends on the cat, I suppose. I mean, surely some wouldn't mind having more slaves to attend to their every whim and fancy. Speaking of which, I need to...
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    What are you reading?

    @Walter thanks for linking your review. From what you and Grail said, I suppose BotNS is the novel equivalent of Dark Souls indeed. Not many books make you embark on literary archeology, and I have to honestly admit: I'd never have guessed that description you quoted would have corresponded to...
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    What are you reading?

    I'm always reading Berserk, whether it's a few random pages at a time or an entire volume. Just spreading those pages open and eyeing the beautiful art and the exquisite paneling is a daily fix for me...I'm not a person who's prone to addiction, but Miura is an exception. He's an addiction I...
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    What Are You Playing?

    Stray - Well, meoooow! I'm having a blast with this game, scratching carpets, dropping shit off of tables, tripping people (robots) up, and just catting my way through everything. It's the cat fantasy fulfilment I've always wanted. Game's really fun and charming. The world is cool and I'm...
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    What Are You Playing?

    Thanks for this, Aaz. I enjoyed watching it and I'm more enticed to play the game myself. I like the added dimension of having to protect places as opposed to only defending your own troops like in some of the other tactical games I tried before. --- @Rhombaad if you don't mind me asking: I'm...
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    Berserk vs Vagabond

    I love them both, though Berserk has the edge for me as the favorite of the two. But both are masterworks by incredible artists and Vagabond is the first thing that comes to mind when people ask for a peer to Berserk. I love how the two manga have opposing but equally valid outlooks on life...
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    Salty Kenny's Sketchy Sketches

    Holy shit, man. How did I miss this thread all this time? You got some gems here. I love me some Hollow Knight, so that one is my favorite :ubik: Looking forward for more!
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    Movies you've recently watched

    The Northman - Pretty solid film, based on the story of Amleth, which is itself the inspiration for - as you guessed it - Shakespeare's Hamlet. This is the OG story, none of that university student Danish prince 'To be or not to be' stuff. Amleth is one savage mother fucker. Recommended...
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    Remembering Kentarou Miura

    We all miss the master. God rest his soul...
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    Your Pandemic Hobby (or Obsession)

    Gotta confess: I barely have experience with fighting sticks, so here's a question Purple-sensei: how do they compare to a regular controller? I see some of them even have unlabeled buttons! Also yeah, I played Soul Calibur (2 and 3) long before knowing about Berserk, so seeing Siegfried again...
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    That's life, my friend. I never knew my grandparents; two died years before I was born, and two...

    That's life, my friend. I never knew my grandparents; two died years before I was born, and two when I was too young to remember them. As for Miura, I think your description is spot-on, and I felt more or less the same.
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    Yeah man, I'm on the same boat; Elvis is way before my time to care too much about him, but I...

    Yeah man, I'm on the same boat; Elvis is way before my time to care too much about him, but I could definitely relate to the feeling of folks who were stricken by his loss. Seeing the pictures of mourners gathering at his house hit close to home, with what had happened with Miura. Sometimes I...
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