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    Oniri Creations - Berserk line

    So The price is up, and damn I knew it would be steep but I believe that’s before shipping, after shipping it must be close to $2000. That’s really reaching the upper limit of what I can spend, but god do I want this. Ever since I saw the little version that AoW made in person I’ve always...
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    Max Factory Femto

    Mine is here! Unfortunately I’m at work so I can’t post pictures today, but I’m so excited. Been waiting on this statue for years and it’s great to finally have it!
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    God Hand (Femto, Void, Conrad, Ubik and Slan) Figma

    Femto and Void are tempting. I own a few figmas but my biggest gripes with them were their size, exposed joints, and the fact that I couldn't pose them to save my life. These are also quite a bit more than what I'm used to paying for figmas. On the plus side, both femto and void don't really...
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    AOW No. 409 / No. 410 Skull Knight 2015 Dark Metallic Green Version 1/5 scale

    im going to pay $1000+ for a statue in 2016, but it won't be this one. IMO the femto statue from GSC is much better, and there aren't nearly enough femto statues of that size out there. At least skulls has 1/10 statues on a horse, which is about as large as a 1/4 statue. But maybe next year I'd...
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    Upcoming Gecco Berserk statue - 2015

    Mines not totally in lol. Same problem as you, one side goes in fully the other doesn't and but it looks good, so I'm not gonna mess with it lol. No idea. Found it on Craigslist for $200. The cheapest I've seen for these guys new are $600.
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    Upcoming Gecco Berserk statue - 2015

    Nope. The only removable parts is the cape, head, and sword. That's it.
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    Upcoming Gecco Berserk statue - 2015

    Mine came! Here is a quick snapshot of it: He looks great. Cape is a bitch to put on, and putting the sword in makes you feel like you'll break his arm. But he looks good next to his art of war cousins that are 3x his price!
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    Gecco re-releasing Headlong berserker guts and zodd kit

    Yes please! It isn't easy to find people that paint and paint good.
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    Gecco re-releasing Headlong berserker guts and zodd kit

    I'm happy and sad at the same time. On one hand, I can get my hands on that 1/8 Berserker on Rock that I've wanted for a while, but didn't want to spend $800+ on. On the other hand, I bought the Zodd one like 4 months ago for quite a bit more (though I did get a good deal on it) so that's kinda...
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    [FS] Kits (Slan, Irvine, Puck, Ivalera)

    I'll vouch for him too. Met him several times in person and he's as honest as they come. I get it though, I'd be anxious too. He's been on these forums for years it would be foolish to do something funny like that all of a sudden if you know what I mean.
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    Which berserk 20th anniversary version is your favorite ?

    The 20th Anniversary Black Version is probably my favorite. I'm a little biased though, since that's the one I own... I also like the European version and the Last Repaint (lol). The red skin probably isn't true to the manga but I like the way it looks all around.
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    New Product of ART OF WAR Coming Soon (Guts & Slan)

    You misunderstood me, I do own the original, and the newer version doesn't make me feel any worse about my deciosion. I still stick to what I said and defend them in this case, but I agree they aren't always easy to defend (I doubt there are many AoW apologists out there, most people with a...
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    New Product of ART OF WAR Coming Soon (Guts & Slan)

    I agree and disagree t the same time. I think what they did with the 20th anniversary statue was ridiculous, it went from 100 statues to around 300 in a matter of 5 years which is insane. But Zodd Revelation and Guts and Slan were treated much better, and haven't had any re releases in 10 years...
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    New Product of ART OF WAR Coming Soon (Guts & Slan)

    Just bought it for $440 and really like it. Considering the price bump for zodd revelations I'd imagine this is gonna go for 50k yen or so. Still worth it I think.
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    2015 20th anniversary model

    This. I've seen what people paid a few years back when the yen was strong and the dollar was weak, and it evens just about evens out. It's probably less than $100 more expensive (prices go up, shit happens). Didn't they say they source their material from the U.S. Or something, which also plays...
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