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    Episode 337

    Absolutely fantastic, i wasn't expecting that to happen. Thinking back to how Rickert was just a small boy when Guts first joined the Band of The Falcon to now slapping Griffith, the Falcon of Light, the absolute ruler. So awesome yet so sad.. what a panel. :ubik: I also can't wait to see what...
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    Episode 336

    Can't wait to see the whole episode, it looks amazing. :ubik: The panels of Erica talking to Daiba and Luca are pretty cute and funny. I'm lovin' that double spread of the black dome, Miura is really making it look ominous. It can't simply be just an arena can it? Maybe the pages of the apostles...
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    Gigantomakhia—new 6-part scifi miniseries by Miura

    That Gigantomakhia trailer reminds me of some kind of Berserk alternative rock AMV. :magni: Hmm, is it some kind of special edition of the cover? I dont mind the green on the eyes and logo but the hair and dress seems a little too much unless its suppose to look different in person. Glow in...
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    Manga character designs

    I love watching Miura grow as an artist and seeing his art evolve in everything from backgrounds to character designs, it's a real treat. Nope. Butch warrior? She was tom boy-ish sure.. but butch? I dont think so. Just because she had muscle mass with short hair doesn't mean she was butch...
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    Movies to dread

    Really, Megan Fox? The CGI turtles have more facial movement then her.
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    Berserk Saga Project News

    Yes, you're missing out on a lot. Read it, you'll be quite surprised how much is actually missing from the 97' anime adaptation.
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    Strange German preview for volume 38?!

    It's bullshit. We don't have enough episodes to fill even half a volume and if im reading the date correctly the release date is september of this year? Nooo wayyy. Maybe its little fake hype to get people to buy more volumes from them?
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    Gigantomakhia—new 6-part scifi miniseries by Miura

    I actually quite like the cover. Prome looks more alien/android in this then the original. She also looks much older, maybe this is from the time when Delos first met her when she looked more like a woman? The only gripe i have is that Delos looks wayyy older but its a small nit-pick. I can't...
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    Episode 335

    I'm thinking more Falconia. This event can't be the only reason why Griffith summoned Rickert. I think if we were going to transition to Guts it would've been after last episode.
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    Episode 335

    Thanks LOicos for the early preview pictures! This episode looks fantastic, i can't wait to get my Young Animal! It's quite interesting that we see people up there in Falconia, now it's really making me wonder where the not so charming looking apostles reside. :griffnotevil:
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    Episode 334

    Wow that's awesome! It's the Band of The Bunny! That attire that the Falconian wings are on looks almost pope-like. I can't get over the Dwarf's expression, he just looks so jazzed and ready to go. :ganishka: Thanks Walter!
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    Do you think Casca will be cured soon?

    Yes i think Casca will be cured. I'm also another fan of Aaz's idea of Guts delving into Casca's mind, that'd be really interesting. I really can't help but think we'll see that inside Casca's mind she's experiencing something not exact but similar to what happened to Griffith at the lake...
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    Who will get along with Casca the best in Guts group?

    Puck is such an easy answer because who wouldn't get along with him? :puck: So i voted for Schierke. I think when Casca returns to her former self Schierke will look up to her, being a strong female and what not. I also think she'll notice how Casca and Guts interact with each other and the...
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    Need help, what is the best way to read Manga? look inside :)

    I wouldn't buy them secondhand from an auction website because then you're spending money that wont even go to the author. :sad: I bought mine in bunches from They're pretty cheap there and they'll usually have a Dark Horse sale on top of that sometimes. But as Gummyskull posted...
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    Berserk Resumes April 11

    First off thanks for the info LOicos & Walter! I'm pretty pumped to see what Miura has in store for us. I'm equally excited for that bonus episode of Gigantomakhia as well. I actually agree with you Walter that we'll get to the Elf King this year. Obviously we'll see inside Falconia, but how...
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