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    O-O that looks awesome! *thumbs up* :chomp:
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    Berserk Nintendo DS Style (I Wish).

    Awesome! This is gonna kick if you animate it > > < < *cough*
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    Guts' Cannon, flamethrower or what?

    Ok that cleared alot up thank you ^^ ...umm I don't know what else to say besides thanks Oo;
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    Guts' Cannon, flamethrower or what?

    I hope this isn't a waste of space cuz I searched and didn't find anything about this. This has been a question I've been wondering about for a very long time. In volume 1 when he shoots that viper apostle guy it looks like a flamethrower dealy (here a link) but in volume 3 or so he shoots...
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    Berserk flash movie

    Oh uhh woops I have no idea how the names are really spelled (Guts, Gatts, Gutts, Gattsu, Gutsu, Guttsu...) I will just spell them as they are in the smileys... Yay thanks to Klaus my friend and I have an inside joke that we would say gimme, gimme, URH! all the time > >
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    Berserk flash movie

    OK... one question...what goes on inside your head? Oh jeez I was uncontrollably laughing the first few seconds. Zodd's voice was XD. My favorite part was when Pack gave him the thumbs up and Gattsu's mouth was chomping (what was up with that?) then chased him. Well done this made...
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    Berserk (PS2) Music Video Tribute (FMV & Ingame mix)

    Yup this was the video that made me spend an entire week trying to get this game to work on my computer via PS2 emulator... Otherwise i thought this vid was awesome! I would have made him keep the Dragon Slayer the whole time though... It's kinda his largely overcompensating sword y'know...
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