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    Natts go at manga colorings...

    So I haven't been coloring for a while since I got rid of my original computer and now only have a laptop and I can't be bothered to color with a trackpad instead of a mouse, so probably won't do much in the future. However, I have a coloring I did a couple of years ago that I never posted. I...
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    Good completed seinen fantasy mangas to read while waiting Berserk's new chapters

    Guess I can recommend some non-japanese series Blade of the Phantom Master Don't judge it based on its cover and character design. Only after reading a dozen chapters you'll notice some strong similarities to Berserk. Mercenary Maluhan The Legend and the Hero
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    Twin Peaks Returns

    Some people may have noticed that Carel Struycken is credited as just "???????" in Season 3 instead of "The Giant" as he was in Season 2. There being seven question marks. If you check out the recent soundtrack you see that the song that was played during The Giants most recent scene you'll...
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    Your most hated words

    Edgy & Arkansas/Bologna (I pronounced these words for years and nobody corrected me and even after I learned the real pronunciations I still read them wrong.) Edit: Forgot to mention that I also dislike the term: "I could care less" when you intend to imply that you dont care.. Its an...
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    What do you think will happen after Elfhelm?

    As am I, this is the top thing that I've wanted to see since I begun to read the manga. A part of me still can't believe its finally happening. As someone who enjoys romantic drama maybe a bit too much, I'd say I would enjoy a new challenge for Guts. As we have seen, not much tends to go the...
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    Natts go at manga colorings...

    Alright new stuffs incoming. Tried some photoshop funtimes with Locks and although it didn't really turn out very great I very much liked the process (lens flare was a mistake). The Skullknight/Guts/Griffith thingy madingy was also pretty interesting, in fact I kinda wanted to colour it after...
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    Natts go at manga colorings...

    Thanks, Didn't even realise the holiday theme myself. I guess the Christmas spirit has really gotten to me this year.
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    Natts go at manga colorings...

    Right so I'm back with another coloring. This time it's of the Elf Queen Danann :ganishka: Had a hard time with the flowers, otherwise I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. :ganishka: Again. Feedback is most appreciated. :serpico:
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    Dark Horse Releases

    It feels good to finally have a date for the release. Although it surprised me it took so long to translate. But I don't doubt there is a good reason.
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    Berserk Guidebook

    Oh wow. The Slan just feels really lazy. Saying she has the power to reanimate herself would have been much more interesting in my opinion. :rickert:
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    Favorite Berserk Character Introductions

    I'd say that Griffith has the most impactful introduction in the beginning of Episode 6. We see this unknown ambitious beautiful man picking up a young Guts and he keep talking about his place in the world and his connection to Guts and then suddenly we see the similarity with Femto. He...
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    Natts go at manga colorings...

    I appreciate the comments. So I tried another coloring this time with a bit different style. I tried to do as you said Grail with the whole surroundings reflecting although I'm not sure wether it turned out odd or bad. I'm also trying to learn how to efficiently use Photoshop. Anyways again...
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    Natts go at manga colorings...

    So I'm no artist by any means, but I have gotten an interest in trying out coloring. Things such as color choices and shading is all from gut feeling considering I have no art experience, so if there is any criticism I'd very much appreciate it. :ganishka:
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    Berserk (2016) Premiere Poll

    I actually liked the music. But they added it in really odd. It just ended abruptly and started a new track. it could have been better and I don't think this is the last time I'll say that. :/
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    Berserk: Over the Years

    Auuw, Guess I am uncool than :P Also, Thank you!
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