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    Kentarou Miura has passed away

    Rest in Peace, Kentaro Miura. Master of the grotesque and of the sublime. You gave us the whole of humanity, from the highest mountain we can climb to the deepest abyss we can fall. And you made it all beautiful. I can't express what this man means to me personally and it is impossible to...
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    Episode 361 (July 22)

    Another interesting speculation this episode presents relating to skullknights past is Volpapa's maybe involvement with the summoning and or manipulation of Gaiseric's soul into the armour. She is clearly familiar with skull knight and Morda calls her "A master of curses and the manipulation of...
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    SkullKast: Episode 97 - Stonehenge [357 Review]

    Re: SkullKast: Episode 97 Yeah I like to believe what Griffith said was contextual, because afterwards he assures Mule that "One day you will know" and I like to believe that as a great villain moment cause he knows there's not turning back for Mule. Even though they just met Mule is clearly...
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    SkullKast: Episode 97 - Stonehenge [357 Review]

    Re: SkullKast: Episode 97 You guys comment here about the fact that alot of the people that die under Griffith will end up in the vortex of souls, I thought ALL of those who are close to Apostles end up there? Even poor Vargas did... Idk if I misunderstand it though
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    Volume 40 release

    Very happy about the textured brushes also, in the other digital paintings he seemed to be using more of a default rounded brush for everything. Not surprising it didn't take long for Miura to master the medium
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    Volume 40 release

    It looks amazing and ethereal, this makes me much happier artistic wise than a Casca cover probably would
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    Episode 357

    Well prepare to be disappointed, it's a Griffith episode. Or else the flow of the manga would be very strange and the cutaway to Griffith would be quite pointless
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    seasnipper's Art

    hard to believe its a first try! The blue light reflecting back into Cascas face takes it to another level when comparing to alot of colorizations :ubik:
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    Star Wars: Episode IX

    It baffles me how quickly Disney shot itself on the foot with bad decision making for franchise. Which I think is probably the best thing that could happen, let it all burn and god forbid they'll have to start treating movies like a medium with any artistic substance. Also I don't understand...
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    Annapolis Shooter 'Branded' his Would-Be Victims on Social Media

    God damn this is horrible... I'm sorry Walter, can't imagine how this affects you. Art is elevating but like anything it's effect has to be in the mind of the reader, Berserk is no exception, to me it defines that type of elevation, after coming in contact with it I was completly blown away by...
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    What are you reading?

    Finished reading Paradise Lost, I guess when you are in an english speaking country it is school assigned which i hate, but I really enjoyed it, me not being religious rolled my eyes at a few remarks that didn't age well. Started reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, and I really adore how...
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    2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)

    Editing is actually pretty meh, which goes with my feeling towards the whole things just looks like its copying effective uses of this type of video: Like this guy, kaptain kristian, knows effective editing in this way.
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    2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)

    In my opinion most of these analysis videos on youtube are very pseudo-intellectual. And the guys whole point is based on terms to make people think his arguement is smart, but it limits the arguement. Title should've been ''Kinetic vs Picturesque in anime'' then I'd be completly fine
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    2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)

    I'm just going on the people that go on reddit and post like ''Hi new fan from the anime and started reading the manga'' not on alleged statistics, plus the amount of growth the reddit and the general interest has had can't be denied, and ofc an actual not piece of garbage adaptation would be a...
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