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    The history of Hakusensha, Young Animal and Berserk's serialization

    This is very interesting and informative (and funny!) to me. As much as I love Japan and it's culture and all the wonderful things it has given the world, I admit I'm extremely ignorant beyond that. It's like an alien world to me. I had very little understanding of the history of the magazine...
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    SKnet: 20 Years Later

    Already the final huh. Damn. This was excellent. I love the history of I only visited once before finding a superior Berserk site, Yong's Berserk Page :troll: However it wasn't too long before I came lurking back.
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    I watched the entire thing in one go. I'm not really into basketball but reliving that level of pure greatness and uncompromising competitive spirit is awe inspiring.
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    Movies to look forward to

    Anomalisa was really good too. Stop motion.
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    Twin Peaks Returns

    I've rewatched The Return like 5 times since it aired. Usually it's just as something to put on late at night while I fall asleep. But man, greatest 18 hours of television ever. Still a miracle that it was even made. Not to mention the fact that Lynch , still salty after prematurely revealing...
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    Twin Peaks Returns

    Insanely awesome theory about a frustrating mystery character from The Return and ... Waldo the bird from season 1?
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    SKnet: 20 Years Later

    Who would've thought this online fanbase would not only sustain into 2020 and beyond, but actually grow and flourish over the years. It speaks to the strength of Berserk, the quality of the forum and the people that run it. So thanks for that.
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    SkullKast 107 - Gorge (Ep 361)

    Going to listen at work tonight hell yea! Thank you!
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    Funny thing about It's Always Sunny. Loved the first few seasons. Then it got kind of old and repetitive for a while. Then with the latest season suddenly it seemed fresh and funny again, even though it was the same basic formula. I think it's just the pure endurance with which the gang keeps...
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    Episode 361 (July 22)

    Man what a great episode. As usual, the art is awesomely impressive. Skullknight looks glorious on the cliff in the opening panels. It's a little frustrating that they were interrupted just when it was getting good, but that's typical. As for Ged, his entrance here is even more impressive than...
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    One good thing about these new Deluxe Editions is I've managed to get 4 coworkers heavily into...

    One good thing about these new Deluxe Editions is I've managed to get 4 coworkers heavily into Berserk and now they've all started buying them.
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    I've had that nightmare before Grail (I've also lived that in real time sadly)

    I've had that nightmare before Grail (I've also lived that in real time sadly)
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    Yea I agree, Tom Green already did that with his movie (although the opening where you need to synchronize with the screen by blinking furiously with each eye was pretty genius). Man it's frustrating because I know Tim and Eric are genuinely funny dudes and there are times when I crave their...
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    Episode 361 (July 22)

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    What brand of pet food do you use?

    We have a pure snow white Persian cat named luna that I've become surprisingly attached to (I was never really a big cat person). It's insanely docile and gentle and never grows much larger than a kitten. Unfortunately she's so delicate that any variation in her diet causes stomach problems...
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