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    Cowboy Bebop Live-Action

    This whole endeavor gets a "no" from me.
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    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Playing on PC with a PS4 controller and trying to wrap my head around XBOX command prompts. Not living for this game atm! :ganishka:
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    Star Wars: Episode IX

    Mercy kill this trilogy and leave Star Wars the hell alone. I have 0 interest in this shit. The return of the Emperor...come on. Come back with quality over quantity, Disney. Or, y'know, don't come back at all.
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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    NIN Bad Witch as well actually. Agree with your critique on it. Loving a few Mazzy Star songs atm and discovered Glass Animals.
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    Proj's colors

    Long time no see, WIP
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    seasnipper's Art

    I get the sense it's taking place under water almost, which is pretty appropriate given the Kelpie's abilities. Perhaps trying increasing the brightness/white levels? It's extremely well done though.
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    Episode 356 part II

    Quite the thrill to see Zodd have some trouble with the hydra. Griffith's finishing move was elegantly fitting.
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    Dark Souls

    *Blows dust off thread* Dark Souls Remastered "I'm still a believer in the Dark Souls." :ganishka:
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Hated it. So, so many lingering questions remain.
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    Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel

    REAL late to the party on this one. Just read the whole thread. Aside from the typically gorgeous illustrations, not much else about this sits right with me. The whole thing is frankly a bummer. Would've *much* rather have seen this told in the f***ing manga. Oh, and people preferring a...
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    Episode 348

    Amazing! Have to agree with Griffith, this is a pretty eventful episode. We've truly waited so long for these very pages and I think the payoff will be something to behold. :casca:
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    Proj's colors

    Just in
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    Movies to dread

    This 4 minute nepotistic short made me roll my eyes for several different reasons. The music was awful, the dialogue was lame, the symbolism was too on the nose, the jokes/references were off-putting, and the product placement was cringe worthy. It looked nice, that's about it.
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    Proj's colors

    Thanks, guys. Found an old fog machine and have been a total one trick pony with it. I think it lends itself rather well to monster photo atmosphere. Waiting of a 1/6 scale Guts to arrive. I'm also debating on whether or not to pull the trigger on the Threezero Skull Knight.
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    Proj's colors

    Hey, It's been awhile. I don't color much these days sadly, but I've gotten pretty big into photography. Thought this would be the best place to share tonight's subject. Hope everyone is doing well!
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