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    What brand of pet food do you use?

    Interesting! To my knowledge, this kind of food is called BARF in the market. Raw meat can be good for animals but I heard it's very hard to formulate a proper nutritional balance with it. In my own experience, it's not that surprising. :zodd: But the prices of pet food are a rip off...
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    What brand of pet food do you use?

    Taste of the Wild (TOW) is available here in Europe. I think it's more expensive than Purina products except Purina Pro Plan. Supposing we have five pricing levels (1:vey high, 2: high, 3: middle, 4: low, 5: very low), TOW belongs to 3. But this rating is based on the European market.
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    What brand of pet food do you use?

    Royal Canin is French but owned by Mars Inc. (US company). Mars also owns Sheba and Whiskas. Hill's is American (and owned by Colgate), Orijen is Canadian, Purina is a US company but is the property of Nestlé (Swiss group). Like for humans food, most pet food brands are owned by a few giant...
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    What brand of pet food do you use?

    I have a cat who is very elegant and smart. :guts: He's been eating Royal Canin kibbles since he was young. I've tried other brands but they were all refused. When I ask people around me, the most popular pet food brand seems to be Purina. That has made me curious to know what brands are popular...
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    Episode 352

    Miura's comment: As for my figure shelf*, it was filled with S.I.C. Shôwa Rider in the blink of an eye. Finished with a Hot Toys Hulkbuster. \(^o^)/ *It usually refers to two or more shelves on the wall in Japanese.
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    Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel

    In my opinion, it's not good to show interest for this novel, unless you want to see it happen again. It's already selling pretty well. Japanese readers seem to be moderately satisfied with it in general, and many are expecting that more are to come, unfortunately... Asian people are familiar...
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    Episode 351

    Miura's comment for this episode: "Established! Established! Grunbeld's character has been established. ♪ ヽ(´ ▽ `)/ "
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    Happy Birthday, Kentarou Miura

    Happy 50th birthday, Miura. I can't imagine a life without your manga. I wish you happiness and health!!
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    2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 1

    Watching the episode, my first impression was that they made the same mistake as the movies: misinterpreting Guts! I feel like they're depicting Kenshiro (from Hokuto no Ken) instead of Guts. In Japanese, there's a word pronounced "fukashi". It's typically used for a man who does everything in...
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    Halloween Costume 2015

    :schierke: :rakshas: :isidro: :ubik:
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    What do you do for a living

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    Episode 339

    The gag with the Tapasa made my day! How could we have ever expected them to be so funny? The scene with the two of them crouching in the stable is my favorite in this episode. Maybe Daiba will get to talk to them in the next episode? I can't still believe we'll have new episodes every month...
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    Flower in the rain

    Great post! It's a fresh approach to Berserk. As a woman, I can only tell roses, lilies, tulips, carnations.... :farnese: I appreciate your insight.
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    What'd you do over the weekend?

    I had a similar experience long ago, slipped on a wet floor and got hurt pretty bad. I hope you get better soon! I do appreciate your Guts-like spirit. :guts: 10 grams of Elf Powder have been prescribed for you! :puck:
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    Episode 338

    Miura's comment: Please enjoy.
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