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    What the hell?

    Why does it happen that every time I try to type G a t t s, It turns into Guts? I mean, wthell? I want it to be G a t t s, I don't care whoever says Guts or what is right or wrong, I want to be able to say G a t t s. Next thing you'll change every time I say shit into fun! Seriously, why is...
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    Episode 255

    Finally we see some action! Damn, this is really exciting me... Guts vs. Serpico! The battle we all want to see and have debated about! Can't wait to see what happens next episode... XD
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    How much do you think Guts' sword weigh?

    When you forge steel from iron and carbon it's impossible (especially in those days) to rule out that oxygen will also get inside the alloy making it brittle. I have no idea what the exact percentage is, but an alloy from iron and carbon can't be called steel unless the percentage of oxygen...
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    Young animal official Berserk encyclopedia.

    You can close this thread if this has already been covered, but I wanted to ask the Skullknight group if they already know of (you probably do, but I'll ask anyway) of the official Berserk encyclopedia at This is not to do any injustice to...
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    Berserk prototype

    Re: Berserk prototype episode Guts has so many scar tissue on his body, he probably has some kind of exoskeleton on his body that's 3 times as strong as normal tissue. All those wounds make your skin real tough. I doubt you can cut his body as easily with a normal knife.
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    Hello, I'm trolling

    I'll tell you why. We all know that Berserk is different from what it was a few volumes ago, which to me at start didn't seem too bad, it's just that I'm dying to see Gatts back into business again... it's killing me! Real Berserk fans of course still wait for the new chapters every week, but...
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    Episode 247

    Yeah, thanks Aazealh. I have been here for a while now. And posted a few times here and there, but for some reason my post count is back to zero. Not that it matters much though. Thanks for answering my question anyway.
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    Episode 247

    This might be a stupid question, but has this chapter been translated yet? And if it is, where can I find it? I can't seem to find it. And I don't know if Evil Genius already translated it. Blargh.
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    Episode 243

    I love you. And you too.
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    Episode 242

    Well actually you just proved my hypothesis right. He couldn´t fulfill his actual goal by being Femto, instead of ruling hell and earth (limited though) he wanted to rule the earth. That´s why he became Griffith. Their ultimate goals are different and their persona too, because Femto couldn´t...
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    Episode 242

    To have his own country of course. And yes, Femto might not have lived in the physical realm, it would still be highly doubtful that any normal person would follow Femto. If Griffith would be the embodyment of Femto he would probably try to destroy Gatts and Caska immediately, but when that...
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    Who was Gatsu having sex with in Vol 1?

    I think it was actually very intelligent what Gatts did. Instead of fighting with the apostle and risking injury and possible death, he lured the apostle into it and killed it instantly. I think that definitely shows how clever Gatts can be and that he will do anything to attain his goals.
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    Episode 242

    I don´t think you really understood what I meant. I wasn´t saying that Griffith and Femto are different people, they are different persona. If you know what I mean. Their goals are differents. As where Femto is more of a devil. Griffith is more of an embodyment of a deity. The big difference is...
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    Episode 242

    Sorry to burst your bubble there, but I can´t say that there is a good guy and a bad guy here. The only thing that Griffith wants is his own country, sure he might have had to kill a few people here and there, betray his subordinates and the likes, but wasn´t that all for the cause? And sure...
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