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    Berserk jewellery by Satoshi Machida

    and the divorce will follow shortly after.
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    Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

    we probaly wont see any statues 2-3 years down the line they have way to many stuff previewed. im just hoping price is fair as goodsmile price was insane for their 1/6.
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    GUTS 1/6 2010/slash version inquiry

    i have the original 2010 model of this statue. i would like to add more blood. could you guys post me some pics of other version of this statue such as the black suit version or the slash version. so i can see the blood effects art of war used and get some...
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    Guts helmet, real metal, scale 1:1

    can someone show me pics of the helmet?
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    Gecco re-releasing Headlong berserker guts and zodd kit

    guys gecco is cancelling orders for people that didn't pay. keep an eye out on the site. my friend and i just bought guts and zodd. might still have a chance if you want one of these kits. for such great casting and cheap shipping plus cheap price you really can't lose.
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    what is the market value of a 20th anniversary guts statue Europe version?

    i just bought one so i'm curious.
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    Gecco re-releasing Headlong berserker guts and zodd kit

    anyone know where i can get these they are sold out on gecco site.
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    Upcoming Gecco Berserk statue - 2015

    this is sold out any leads on this other then the crazy ebay prices?
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    20th Anniversary Model- The Last Repainting Version

    art of war has one up on ebay right now. part of x mas special.
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    20th Anniversary Model- The Last Repainting Version

    for you who didn't like this version or didn't get a chance to own it. art of war just emailed me "there are many customers asking for this model, our company is planning to do a new version. The other details are not confirmed at this moment, therefore we are not able to offer more...
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    AOW taking Repainting Requests

    i don't trade nor sell any of my statues once its in my collection its not going anywhere. i don't have alot of statues just starting to collect them but i have been collecting mcfarlanes spawn for over 10 years. i only have 4 berserk statues. i could care less if they start repainting the ones...
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    AOW taking Repainting Requests

    they say 30 request and they will do a release whats stopping someone from creating 30 different emails to get the release done? also they state that the 20th anniversary is the last repaint but you can vote for it so i don't know. i know the old school berserk collectors are mad but for...
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    Guts statue - Max Factory

    colors look very flat and his face is so yellow
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    Max Factory Femto

    i have many pvc figures some of them look way better then polystone or resins. hatsune miku vn02 from max factory superman of tomorrow ArtFX Statue kotobukiya batman ArtFX Statue by kotobukiya batman and superman considered grail pieces for alot of collectors.
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    (re issue) 1:6 scale Hundred Man Killer - Guts

    just recieved mine. All i can say is wow. this thing is HUGE. i have seen pics of it in the past but they just don't do it justice. Must buy for any berserk fan.
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