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    It Came From The Internet

    If there is a new and valuable way to spread information, I would be interested in seeing it. I do like articles and videos talking about video games as an evolving art form and opinion pieces on the industry. Extra Credits and the Jimquisition, which I don't agree with on a number of issues...
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    It Came From The Internet

    I agree that the article is stupid and that he's not offering a valuable perspective, which is why I object to it. Being a PR mouthpiece or having a "Oh this art form is beneath me, a scholar of politics in the Philippines" attitude are not his only 2 options. I want columnists who use their...
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    It Came From The Internet

    Let's Player Total Biscuit reads a Polygon article verbatim in the way it deserves to be read: Fuck Polygon.
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    Music that you associate with Berserk apart from anime/movie O.S.T.s

    Apostle transformation/fighting music:
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    News & Not News Megathread Salon endorses rioting. Even if innocent people get robbed, beaten, or have their livelihoods literally go up in flames. Because the riots were conducted by effeminate gay people in wheel chairs? What the fuck is this terrorist apologist babbling about? And this...
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    This song alone almost makes me want to get a PS4:
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    Better Call Saul

    I wonder just how much they're going to do with . Will there only be brief glimpses? Or will you have a storyline unfolding at multiple periods of time like True Detective?
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    Adventures in YouTube

    I read comments because I have a morbid curiosity about the limits of human cruelty and stupidity. And sometimes they're genuinely funny and make great counterpoints.
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    It Came From The Internet

    How do you know when a threat comes from a troll vs an ideologue? Hypocrisy? I can't tell anymore. I don't know what goes through the minds of these people.
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    It Came From The Internet

    People who make death/rape threats are very bizarre:
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    Movies to look forward to

    For some inexplicable reason, I am looking forward to this: Samurai Cop 2, starring a very much alive Matt Hannon
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    News & Not News Megathread

    A mother has been arrested for burning her baby daughter to death:
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    Games to look forward to!

    I just hope they put some compromise for ubersampling. It makes like a 50 fps difference.
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    The Interview

    Interesting interview regarding the Sony Hack: Rogers mentions that the malware had hard coded file paths suggesting that the hacker(s) had extensive insider knowledge of Sony's infrastructure.
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    What Are You Playing?

    Now that I've just finished building a PC for the first time, I'm playing Far Cry 3 and a bit of Far Cry 4 (it comes as a deal when you buy certain graphics cards). Holy fuck are these games pretty.
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