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    New Berserk Anime for 2016

    I'm hyped guys. The 3D CGI looks... well not that good. But regardless, it's going to be The Black Swordsman Arc/Lost Children saga!!! (I assume) I have been waiting for over a decade! It's a teaser so I wouldn't take the animation so seriously. Keep in mind that the movies drastically improved...
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    How Many People Did You Get Into Berserk?

    (old post, but interesting topic) My one friend read the manga after I introduced him to the movies a while ago! :guts:
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    POLL: Vote for Your 2 Favorite Characters

    [list type=decimal] :guts: :schierke: :judo: :farnese: :SK: [/list]
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    I just finished the Millennium Falcon Arc

    Yeah. I read both 33 and 34 yesterday. I was too enthralled by the story and read them poorly. :ganishka: I'm going to reread them. This is exactly what I meant. Thanks. That's true. I meant to say I just enjoyed that part the most. I didn't mean to suggest it was less qualitative, the...
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    I just finished the Millennium Falcon Arc

    Okay, that shit was crazy! The Neo Band of the Falcon! I love how they just decimate battlefields. Locus (I think) impaling 10 heads at once! Zodd just galloping through cleaving horses and soldiers in half. The archer taking off multiple heads per shot. Griffith always looking so majestic and...
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    Is the Beast of Darkness actually "real"?

    In the very first episode, Guts says to Puck that he doesn't care who will die because of him. He also says something along the lines "everyone else will drag me down" Puck says it's something more complex than sadness fear and hatred. The emotions Puck felt I would say is the Beast of Darkness.
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