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    Adventures in YouTube This is a multitasking rendition of Flandre's Theme Song (Touhou enthusiasts should know what i mean..don't think there are that many though). Others can still enjoy it for its entertainment value. It's quite remarkable although not perfect, but...
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    Adventures in YouTube

    ATTENTION! SPOILERS FOR RESIDENT EVIL 5! I recently (last week) got around to replay Resident Evil Gold Edition for some of the harder-to-get achievements and, while searching some clues on youtube, found these outtakes (it's embarrassing to say but i...
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    New Berserk animation project confirmed

    My biggest concern, regarding this new animation project, would be "pacing" above anything else. Right now, we have so much content that needs to be animated to achieve a "perfect" adaption. It's rather unlikely that the animation staff can really pull this off without omitting certain scenes...
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    Games to look forward to!

    lol^^ Yeah, that guard must have had a large stash of good beverages hidden away somewhere. Also, let's not forget recurring easter eggs with posters and photos. Can't have a game without them.
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    Games to look forward to!

    Don't forget classical situation comedy at its finest, like slipping on seagull droppings or running around the enemy base buck naked. That reminds me how Kojima stated that he wanted to break some long standing taboos for this project and now it seems like he was only refering to the slick...
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    Movies to look forward to

    Ah sorry, i didn't want to make it sound like there were actual plans for an adaption anytime soon. It's mostly rumor-mongering on the net, ever since industry people hinted at the green lights for The Hobbit. I don't quite agree that the Silmarillion is a bad source for a movie..or several...
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    Movies to look forward to

    i wholeheatedly support that notion. Plus i'd like a little less emphasize on CG this time around. That reminds me, i'm still very much interested in that movie adaption of the Silmarillion, which resurfaces every so often on the net. I personally think it can be done although it'd turn out...
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    FIFA 2010 World Cup

    I guess the U.S. boys deserved more this time around but don't fret. Many of the "major" players showed us some abyssmal performances in South Africa. I guess that overpayed and overhyped doesn't automatically lead to greatness in the end. This time around it's more about the underdogs and the...
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    Games to look forward to!

    Persona 5 Well, since i'm a huge fan (collector) of everything that's even remotely related to the SMT franchise i'm honestly shaking with anticipation for that one. Especially since i'm having major withdrawel issues after finishing Devil Survivor and Strange Journey a couple of weeks ago. I...
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    Mass Effect 2

    *sigh* I'm so envious right now, about all of you folks who already own the game. I just got confirmation that my copy will arrive late, which translates into anything between the weekend or even next week... I can't wait to actually play this game (especially with Tali *wink*) instead of just...
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    Silent Hill Shattered Memories

    This is one of the few games i'm really looking forward to for next year. Seriously, i think it's quite remarkable that, after all that time since the next-gen consoles were released, i'm still buying way more titles for my good old PS2 rather then the PS3..or XBXOX 360, hell, even both of them...
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    News & Not News Megathread

    Seems rather harmless but what if they'd get divorced? I mean, the guy could plead that "his wife" is cheating on him with other gamers on a regular basis. Would either of them be entitled to a partial amount of their aquired assets since their marriage? What about "her" income in revenues from...
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    Adventures in YouTube

    Very much so. It's almost like a moment of Zen!^^
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    Adventures in YouTube I found this one after having my annual Resident Evil series game marathon a couple of days ago (yes, i'm really replaying the majority of those games at least once a year...i have a bad memory so they actually feel fresh and sparkling everytime i get...
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    DA:O looks great so far but i'm still putting my purchase on hold until they release a copy that contains all the DLC and otherwise distributed bonus material. Truth be told, if there's one thing i hate about recent marketing strategies it'd be the awful pratice of day-one purchaseable DLC...
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