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    Episode 349

    Wow, this chapter made me somehow happy. I really liked the moment when Roderick and Serpico joined Guts and supported him. It is good to see that Guts is at least now not alone and has friends he can rely on and is ready to protect them at any costs. Also Serpico's thoughts regarding Farnese...
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    What do you think will happen after Elfhelm?

    If Casca gets healed it will probably take a few days for her to remember everything. Their stay on Elfhelm will probably be for quite a while if Casca needs more recovery or wants to spend time with Guts alone. I just can't imagine for Casca to give up on her own child that even tried to...
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    New Fan arrived!

    Thanks for your reply! I know that the support is important and I am already saving some money to get myself a few volumes in the next week. I don't know if supporting the official release in my own country will help that much, but I think it's definitely worth to do so. The ending of the 1997...
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    New Fan arrived!

    Hello everyone! I am happy to join the community of SkullKnight as of today even though I just recently discovered Berserk. I found the second season on the summer anime list and thought about watching the first season before but thank god (or Mozgus) I used google and checked if there was any...
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