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    Berserk Musou (PS3, PS4, PC)

    Hahahaha oh god they couldn't even get his facial expression or scream right. Did anyone else see the fight with Slan? She doesn't even rip his armor off, he still has it on after the fight...... Yeah I also prefer the ost of the ps2 game over this one. I'm sure the game will be fun but of...
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    Yes I also enjoy Destiny a lot. I am currently playing another game right now but once the Taken King is released I will be playing again. My PS4 username is Slan69. I am currently going to school right now so I might not always be able to play, just a heads up. Anyone else who plays Destiny...
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    Games to look forward to! Oh god this is only going to infuriate the rage quitters even more. :mozgus: I can only imagine the messages people will be getting from other players, hahaha...
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    Berserk Poster???

    Does anyone know if this poster is from a magazine and what it says?
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    Adventures in YouTube

    Hahaha yes. :beast: Also this, Honestly some people are so sensitive over the stupidest things. I mean come on, when you leave em out like that you're only calling out for attention. :carcus:
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    Adventures in YouTube :ganishka:
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    AoW New Product Dragon Slayer Soft Sword

    I can pay $300 for what looks like foam with a stick shoved in it, awesome.
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    SK Net Pets

    I got him from a guy that lives in Vernon BC, I have seen others in BC sell Malamutes, however, they are generally mix breeds, mine is purebred. I got the guy to meet me halfway, still a 5hr drive there and back. Due to religious beliefs he is not allowed in the house, I can keep him in the...
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    Games to look forward to!

    Pirates of the Caribbean 5, I wonder if they will bring back Kiera Knightley.
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    Selling Berserk Clear File/Folder - 2 Sets Available

    Sorry guys, I meant to put $20 not $25 for the whole set.
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    SK Net Pets

    Great Grey Malamute Sif (Sif for short :iva:) He's about 2 and a half months old right now. The little guy is already tiring me out, it's only been 4 days since I have had him. :serpico: He's an Alaskan Malamute, when he's older he should be nearly 6 ft. when he stands, so he's probably going...
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    Selling Berserk Clear File/Folder - 2 Sets Available

    I have 2 sets available, all new and sealed, each set has 6 clear files in total. I will sell each set for $20 plus an additional $10 for shipping within North America, anywhere else will be an additional $20 for shipping (shipping prices in Canada suck). PM me if your interested.
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    [FS] Everything must go!

    I bought the Berserker helmet from him and it is gorgeous. He is a fantastic seller, don't hesitate to purchase from him.
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    Dark Souls

    So I finished Darks Souls last night, the final boss was incredibly easy for me, it took me literally 20 seconds to kill him. I was a little dissapointed in how abruptly it ended and showed the credits, but I guess there wasn't much else to show really. I was happy to see that Motoi Sakuraba was...
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    Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)

    You should definitely try out Fire Emblem Path of Radiance for the GameCube. It's by far my favorite Fire Emblem, it's got a lot of great and useful characters, it's hard to pick and choose who you want to take to battle. :serpico: Yup, once a character dies you can't get them back, not like...
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