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    Episode 354

    My concern would be if she remember what happen during the period while she was insane. For eg Farnese and schierke. Or if she remember that back in vol 23, Guts did accidentally tries to harm her.
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    Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight novel

    I am not sure why, but inferring from the illustration, Grunbeld seem to be Guts in another parallel universe where he was chosen to be the one to do the sacrifice instead. The panel where she hold the dying girl kind of resemblance the 13th volume cover of Berserk.
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    Episode 342

    Great episode! Once again Thanks Aaz and Puella for the amazing translation! Its good to finally see Elfhelm after so long... I was hoping the scarecrows to be as skilled as Azan/Serp and a group of them taking Guts at once, posing a real life threatening battle with Guts. Afterall this might...
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    Episode 341

    Thanks Aaz for the scan and explanation. As usual every new episode is just too awesome to express in word. I was wondering though, if they are really out of danger. Judging from the last panel they are still within Falconia. And I am just curious regarding Rakasha intention of using his...
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    Episode 340

    Amazing story as usual! Had a great time reading the newest episode! :badbone: Is there ever a possibility that Griffith might send him on a suicide mission to get rid of him? Such as approving the manhunt to the hideout. Since he probably anticipated that the chance of Rakasha going against...
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    Attack On Titan

    Anyway anyone actually read up on the spin-off SNK series, before the fall? I find that the protagonist kyukuro have a very similar background as Guts background. Born from a dead mother womb and ppl feared him.
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    Attack On Titan

    I just finished reading the manga as well... gotta say its a fresh alternative to the long hiatus that Berserk is currently in. Maybe SNK might have attracted more fans here if it does have this special element in it:
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    Adventures in YouTube

    If you think Jean van damme split is good, wait till you see chuck norris split.
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    Berserk Saga Project News

    The full trailer has been released for Golden age III: Descent The animation look good, but I wonder how the content will be like...
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    Episode 327

    I not sure about Godo making cameo appearance, he could be playing a big role in the main plot of the flash back as well, don't you people ever wondered how Guts met Godo and get acquainted with him? Hopefully this flashback will also shed some light on Guts fetish for big sword. :ganishka:
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    Episode 327

    That was really good. :ganishka: Imagine the amount of scavengers it is going to attract... (The entire sky might be bird-infested :zodd:).
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    Berserk Saga Project News

    I have another thing which bothers me with regard to these new films... that is the total showtime of the 3 combined together. Is it sufficient enough to cover the entire Golden Age Arc? The last I remember during the 1997 animated series it took them 24 episodes (exclude the first which was...
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    Episode 327

    I have another burning question though, does the ghost ship die with the Sea god? Also is it me or the Sea horse is still basked under the protective beam from the four kings?
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    Episode 327

    Haha thanks :guts: Using pain to push himself up was something that surprise me really, because I always thought the armour kills pain, not induce pain.
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    Episode 327

    Anyway thanks for the link and a very nice episode indeed... :slan: I thought the armor has some kind of pain-killing effect? Anyway I read through the previous few episodes and didn't quite why there is a need for the armor to pierce into his body? I know Guts was injured by the pulse of...
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