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    Skull Knight = The Flower Storm King

    It might be that SK feels like an elf because he was cured by the King of Elfhelm. Something along the line of the story of Pircaf: he was so heavily wounded by the berserker's armor that in order to save his life the King of the Flower Storm had to make him less human and more "elvish"?
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    Episode 327

    For now, we have no way to know if it is possible or not (I think? :schnoz:), but I would really like it if the child could stay with the group longer than a full moon night.
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    Episode 320

    When I first saw the Sea God's mouth (very remniscent of Ganishka as it's been said before) I had a crazy thought about the Sea God's origin: that maybe he was some sort of equivalent of Ganishka from a thousand years ago or more, or at least a creature linked to an previous merging between...
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    Episode 320

    Yeah, I do realize that the panels are not directly related, but the image of Guts reaching the mouth, and the Captain mentioning that the Ceremony was reaching its climax just after that, gave me that impression when I looked at it. That's all, really. :slan:
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    Episode 320

    The way the panels are put, it almost feels like Guts entering the Sea God's mouth is a part of the ceremony...
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    Episode 319

    Man, I was thinking the same thing... :farnese: Well, King Triton definitely stole Poseidon's look anyways, right? Jokes aside, I am very excited about all this! Kinda reminds me of volume 10 and the glimpse we got of Gaiseric's city at the bottom of the tower.
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    [April Fools] Episode 319

    Darn, I knew it right from the start!!! Great job guys, that was a very good prank! Everyone played along so well I actually ended up doubting myself, and I was starting to believe it was really true after all! :ganishka:
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    Has Guts personally gotten more menacing over time?

    My feeling is quite the opposite. Actually I think that ever since the beast began to come out, Guts' personality has been more "schizoid" in the sense that there is a very clear separation between his "sane" part and the Beast. So, yeah, when the Beast comes out, he is more menacing than ever...
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    Episode 319

    Thank you for the good news! Now I can't wait to see the Sea God... :ubik:
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    Dodole's doodles of Lame Title

    Your colorings are incredible! If only the upcoming berserk anime looked like that...
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    Disparity between nude men and women

    Yeah, but even Slan looks pretty normal (well, except for the wings and hair, obviously), I mean she is definitely hotter than the average woman, but her body shape is realistic, and she doesn't give the impression that plastic surgery has already been invented in the world of Berserk. :iva...
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    Episode 317

    Maybe it's just me but doesn't it look like the Moonlight boy has grown quite a bit since the last time we saw him? I gotta get my hands on volume 28 to compare!
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    Episode 316

    Wow, there's so much going on, what an exciting preview!!! :ubik: I didn't expect the Moonlight Boy to appear at this point. How the hell did he get here? Does it mean that he can come and go as he pleases whenever it is full moon, no matter where Griffith's body is? Or did Griffith come along...
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    What are you reading?

    I finally finished book 3, and I just began book 4.
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    What are you reading?

    I see what you mean, but still, it seems to me that whenever she's offered a choice, she makes the stupid one, and whenever she can do something, she doesn't, and at length it gets irritating. That being said, I'm still waiting to see how she will evolve to forge a definite opinion of her. As a...
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