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    Episode 336

    I'm hoping for a vicious "The reason you suck" speech from Rickert that Griffith.....will most likely ignore, but still make the fans go HELL YEAH for the kid
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    Do you think Casca will be cured soon?

    IDK, it seems just plain wrong to me. Anyway, I want my badass action girl back, so Come on Elf King!
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    What did Femto have planned for Guts & Casca?

    Let's see, what would a sociopathic demon lord do with the people he incorrectly blames for his suffering due to his narcissistic personality disorder? Death? Soul Destruction? Something worse?
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    How do you think Berserk will end?

    This Casca x Griffith tone disturbs me greatly. Are we honestly suggesting she loves the man who cause all of her friends to be killed and raped her to insanity?
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    Your most hated words

    No. the racial slur. I don't like ANYONE using it, regardless of ethnicity.
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    Your most hated words

    The N-word. "Edge" or "Edgy" since you can't dislike anything without being called that. "Deconstruction" since it seems to be slapped on any dark work, especially if it's bad
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    Who will be the next Guts?

    That is.....scarily plausible, seeing as he has a near exact replica of Guts first couple of days of life.
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    Who will be the next Guts?

    *shudders in.....emotion* I don't know. The prospect is both awesome and terrifying.
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    Who will be the next Guts?

    The way things are shaping up (and seeing as some people get an infinite loop of pain vibe) who do you think will be the next person to follow the path of The Branded Swordsman and Skull Knight. Isidro has the fighting skills, but Rickert has the trauma.
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    Guts and children

    Yeah. I should have been clearer. Like his interaction with Jill during the lost children arc when he makes that "the darkness around me" speech. Or when he apologizes to the boy he used as a shield. Or trying to warn away Collette and HESITATING when she becomes possessed (until "she" cuts...
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    Guts and children

    No, I mean, he seems to be an aloof, uncaring jerk-ass, but then, BOOM! Something resembling nobility
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    Guts and children

    Anyone ever notice Guts seems a lot kinder and nicer to kids than he is to adults?
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    The Theme of Berserk

    Let no one, not God, Not Fate, NO ONE, choose your path for you.
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    Did Farnese get through to Casca?

    I think it might have done something.......The Next time We see Casca, she's alone with Guts (except for the Elves) for the first time since the incident and isn't going Nuts or growling at him or the like. It's a small moment, but......yeah.
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    Which actor would best play as Guts or Griffith

    Jason Mamoa as Guts. Griffith....IDK
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