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    Do you listen to Berserk music when reading the manga?

    I tried to listen to it while reading but at times the beat was too fast and didn't keep in with the tone of the manga at that point lol.
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    How did you get into Berserk?

    Through a freind, Masa-Sama whose a member here. ^_^
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    At what point would you stop reading?

    When my eyes hurt and I'm seeing Gutts everywhere and thinking theres going to be a rip in dimensions o-o
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    Your Berserk reading habits?

    I need some sort of classical music playing in the background even if it's not on loud I need the background noise xD
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    Favorite Berserk character

    Caska, Zodd the evil guy and Gutts (cliche?)
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    Which Berserk Character Are You?

    O'rly? I'm shocked Masa-Sama lol I got caska O.o
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    Chat Room - Now Open

    Forgive my newbiness, but how do you get to the chat room? >_<"
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    FIFA World Cup 2006

    Today: Italy vs Czech, I haven't seen Italy play yet... but from what I heard they're pretty good. Anyone watch yesterdays game?
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