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    The Underlying Vein

    no i am not at all "headset" :void: now that was stupid. how about Guts nature on the Astral plane then? isn't it made of fire? also just because it hasn't explicitly been mentioned yet, you can't exclude the possibility that "fire" has an Astral significance. I do realize that this is wild...
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    The Underlying Vein

    yeah the concept makes a lot of sense. it's indeed the way miura chose to depict fate... or rather causality. speaking of water, another element that comes up - in relation to Griffith - is fire. the members of the original hawks were carrying their their torches to a huge _flame_ called...
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    The REAL Glossary

    Great Job! I always thought that the characters and locations should be added to the glossary too. It's getting really impressive now.  :isidro: nice! edit: er... shouldn't Gaiseric be added?
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    Is Guts' Beherit for him?

    if more beherits are added to the sword it might grow more powerful. there might even be some more techniques to it.
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    Berserk abc's

    S is for the Skullknight. :SK:
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    Magic: the gathering

    yeah i used to play magic... a long time ago ^^ i've been using a white/blue deck, so i would have been able to summon this "creature". these stats are tremendous - but isn't Griffith very powerful indeed? ^^ i agree with Aazealh to make it 3/4 yet i think "First Strike" suits well. by the way...
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    What does this mean to you?

    worst flash movie i've seen so far. don't watch if you haven't yet.
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    NBA Best Playoffs Ever

    well so much for the spurs. ^^ anyway looks like some very interesting conference finals.
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    Berserk on a motion picture?!?!?

    i don't believe it. >_<;
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    Berserk on a motion picture?!?!?

    Yeah excellent choice. i don't think there's anyone that would fit better than Jennifer. Except for Janet. striking, isn't it? wow.
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    Character theme songs?

    Guts: "Birds of Fire" - Mahavishnu Orchestra Griffith: "Behind the Yashmak" - Esbjörn Svensson Zodd: "Three Minute Warning" - Liquid Tension Experiment Casca: "Endless" - Keith Jarrett Void: "Ultravisitor" - Squarepusher -TS
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    Berserk on a motion picture?!?!?

    ... how many movies have you produced so far? or is berserk gonna be your debut in that area of your life? sounds very exciting really, especially the "personaly study the art film". yeah that sounds pretty plausible too. if you only were a sacrifice indeed. -TS
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    Berserk on a motion picture?!?!?

    Haha! yeah. The best about it (apart from Orlando Bloom) is that Vin Diesel _is_ "Berserk the movie".  :serpico:
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    Berserk abc's

    K is for the Kushan Empire.
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    Berserk abc's

    F is for Flaming Tombstone.
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