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    AOW - Guts vs Zodd Diorama - PREORDER! =)

    Thanks Grovel -- I got the confirmation for one yesterday. Just a couple of days to reply to it (was worried the preorder was over or something).
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    AOW - Guts vs Zodd Diorama - PREORDER! =)

    I send them an email on their "Inquiry" asking to be put on their preorder list for this item....was that the correct way to do it?
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    AOW - "Hundred Men Slayer" diorama

    I think I found my first authentic AoW statue to purchase...please give us the heads up ASAP on this one, Aazealh!
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    Some good statues on Ebay right now!

    Wow...too bad that I don't know how to use that Yahoo japanese site. I would buy that artbook collection if it was eBay! :judo:
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    Buying from AoW site

    All these years I always looked at the AoW -- awed at how nice it would be to have just ONE statue like that...but never had the funds. Now I have finally decided (and saving enough cash) for a real authentic AoW statue of my own! Basically -- I am sure someone here has bought off the AoW site...
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    Japanese vs English Manga

    Wow, DH really picked up the pace (or I just havent checked up on it) with the Berserk volumes. I only have 1-5, and it looks like there already up to 10. Zelz, similar to you, I had this problem when I was about to start my Berserk manga collection. But after while I decided to just get the...
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    Episode 265

    we gotta wait till Dec 22 for another episode?! ouch!!!
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    Episode 264

    ^ heh, wat dedication to Berserk (well, i'd probably do the same thing!). The only thing I had about these weekly episodes thing is that theres ALWAYS a cliffhanger, and your keep dying to know whats gonna happen next week...maybe i';ll take a month off of Berserk so the releases dont seem so short.
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    Most Trucked-Up Moment of Berserk?

    for me it was when during the pagan worship thing to that moose head and everyone was raping each other. that kinda made me feel a bit uneasy but after Guts kicked the shit outta the moose head i felt better! :guts:
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    Episode 260

    yay, thats good news then that Vol 29 is coming out soon! heh, i thought his face looks kinda long thats all
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    Episode 256

    oops, sorry!
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    Episode 257

    Not to stick like a sore toe here or anything, but am i missing the rest of the pages in the episode? I only see the 1st page of the royal guy.
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    Episode 256

    by the way, is there any translation yet for epi 256?
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