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    SKnet: 20 Years Later

    Very interesting stories @Walter ! I was the one who asked about how you got into berserk on the patreon podcast. I read every word over the past week. Thank you for keeping the torch going for so long. And thanks to @Aazealh as well.
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    The Big Berserk Exhibition

    That helps me understand better, thank you!
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    The Big Berserk Exhibition

    It's shocking to me he worked from such a small, confined space. I was imagining a much larger workspace. I think you could fit all of that into an american sized cubicle. Amazing what can be created from such a space that size. Maybe that's just my American perspective; Japanese are probably...
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    SkullKast 111: Flying Monkey (Ep 363)

    Newb here, sorry to bring up an older topic. Great discussions. When you all refer to the death of Gaiseric, is it assumed by the community that his death is synonymous with being consumed by the berserker armor? In other words, being consumed is the moment of his death? @Aazealh @Walter
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    A lack of Berserk - Dark Horse & DMP

    I had a live chat with a rep from today and he tells me they have the items in stock (except vol 37) and will ship Monday! (cross fingers)
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