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    [April Fools] New Berserk game on the PSP

    Wow, awesome find Kalie Ma! I've been scouring the Internet for an hour trying to find more info on this and I found this slightly bigger picture. From Maybe someone can translate it since it's clearer? Anywho I'll be on the lookout for more.
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    Episode 303

    Damn, I chose a good time to log back in. Pretty damn epic. I doubt this is anything like the end of the manga though, I wonder if SK will even be able to take down Griffith?
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    Trying to trick me with a fake bill

    I think artwork copying money has to be different in scale or have some obviously altered element that denounced it authenticity. Barter trading is still legal in the US an I think for the first two in a year you don't need to pay any taxes on it, but as it is government regulated it would...
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    Final Fantasy XIII (PS3&XBOX360)

    I meant there seems to be some variation in the combo system, sorta like Kingdom Hearts crossed up with Devil May Cry. I don't mean that as a compliment, I'm reserving judgement until I can hear some reactions from someone who's actually played it.
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    Final Fantasy XIII (PS3&XBOX360)

    An improvement over 12 at any rate. It looks relatively fast paced and like the player can add some variation into the system. Seems like the player only controls one character, so hopefully the AI will be decent.
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    Final Fantasy XIII (PS3&XBOX360)

    New trailer, shows off some gameplay. Looks pretty awesome, though it's still pretty early.
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    Adventures in YouTube

    I'm not really a fan of Destructoid, but they really hit the mark with this: Edit: Wait, Kratos?
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    Games for '09

    I think Blazblue will likely make it this year, considdering the arcade version appears to be finished. That's a biggie for me too since it's basically the new Guilty Gear. Only downside is apparently the Ky equivalent character is top tier, and I hated dealing with Ky in GGX2. Also up is the...
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    Game of the Year, 2008

    What always pains me about seeing this is that the second game wasn't that dark, and actually had a lot of color. The shadows in the second may have been a bit blacker and the pixelation made things seem more gritty, but most of those people don't seem to know what they're taking about. If...
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    Game of the Year, 2008

    Ug, the graphics discussion again. Well, I'll echo Griffith but add this. Most of the time, games with really good graphics have them not just because of cramming pixles onscreen, but because of solid art direction and team interest and talent. Talented and inspired teams produce better...
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    Adventures in YouTube

    Here's proof that the joker fad was officially over before from the beginning:
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    Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife (or brain=mind?)

    All I know is I hope there's no horse in the afterlife.
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    Fallout 3

    I'm barrowing my roomate's copy and it's pretty fantastic. It can be overwhelming at times with all the choices, but I guess that'ssort of the point.
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    Let's Brainstorm names for Metal bands

    Figured it wouldn't hurt to introduce my friend's fake metal band he made as a joke to screw with his metalhead friends. They actually bought it too. Gentlemen, I give you, POOPFIST
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    RED DWARF (British sci-fi/sitcom series)

    British comedy at its finest, or at least as much as us Americans can get our hands on. I loved this show as well, I'm glad they're bringing back the original cast. BTW, I found a tribute to the series in the Dead Space art book I got since I preordered it. There's a 'Red Dwarf' brand ale...
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