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    The VR thread

    There are more than a few rooms in that game that I’m really not looking forward to playing in VR. :magni:
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    Movies you've recently watched

    That reminds me of my second time seeing Avatar (different group of friends were going). We bought IMAX tickets late, so the only seats left were right in the front, and it was a 3D showing. Absolutely painful experience.
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    Status of Berserk's Pre-publication

    I still don't really consider this to be likely, because when Miura is asked about his commitment to the series in interviews, it never feels like he's wavering. I don't think there's any difference now than any other time we weren't getting a Berserk episode. If it's not evident, a few of us...
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    Status of Berserk's Pre-publication

    Years of waiting around for Berserk have taught me that what this means is: "No episode on April 23 in the Young Animal #09/10."
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    Status of Berserk's Pre-publication

    The False Prophecy Has Been Exposed!
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    Femto and his intentions....

    Miura in the guidebook interview (2016): "Griffith is Griffith, and he seems appealing, but maybe from his side, Guts looks like the villain. And there are those who probably find the world Griffith creates to be to their convenience. From there it's a question of what's going to happen with...
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    Movies you've recently watched

    I only watched Django fairly recently (3 months ago?). I really enjoyed it! I thought the slow build up to the actual action delivered a powerful payoff, and I also thought the Django montage sequence and overall building him up to be a kind of bounty hunter superhero felt like it was straight...
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    What Are You Playing?

    Good wrench in that game (eat shit Bioshock)! I never played the others, but I thought OP was pretty incredible at the time. That being said, switching your role from a scientist to a soldier felt a bit like they were missing the point, but it's not like Freeman was ever NOT a superhero anyway.
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    Skullkast 112: The Astral World (Vol 24-1)

    That’d imply that Guts knew about that little stick throw though, right? I’m not sure he did.
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    Things That Make You Happy

    My work days are extremely busy, so being able to slow everything down and eat a meal with my family every day is probably the happiest moment for me, and somehow we've managed to make it a consistent element of our days, despite our schedules. I also enjoy cooking, but we've been ordering a lot...
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    I just went into Windows settings to increase the size of my cursor by one. When should I expect...

    I just went into Windows settings to increase the size of my cursor by one. When should I expect my first social security check?
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    Skullkast 113: Enoch Village (Vol 24-2)

    Episode 113 - Enoch Village (Vol 24-2) (1h 55m) We start this ep with a special announcement: New mini-podcasts are available right now for our Patreon subscribers. Check out the details on our Patreon. Our re-read of Vol 24 concludes as we depart Flora's mansion, get a detailed explanation...
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    What is Guts striking at in this picture?

    If that were the case, then where was Zodd during the boy's last visit...? I think Zodd was only there on the beach because the boy needed transportation. After the world spiral tree's appearance, he no longer needed Zodd.
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    What is Guts striking at in this picture?

    I don't think Zodd is a very likely candidate. We know from Sonia that others have to be lead through the branches of the world spiral tree or they'd become lost.
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    What is Guts striking at in this picture?

    When we first saw this image back in October, I was quite convinced it would be from an upcoming episode. That's because this doesn't look like Miura's traditional promotional art. Instead it looks like the same art we'd see in the pages of the manga. But it's been 2 episodes and more than six...
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