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    The VR thread

    That'd be me! I think $299 is a sweet spot for VR. Particularly because the Quest can run most games all on its own, untethered to any other device. That freedom of movement makes it far more appealing to me than any other headset, because it's not just me that's excited about VR. My son can't...
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    PlayStation 5 launch line-up impressions

    I think the fine print was probably included by mistake. Perhaps the text was a remnant from a previous template as their video team quickly stitched on the bumpers ahead of the event. And as you said, Sony has clarified that it's "Just PS5" ... but what I'm proposing is ... maybe it isn't...
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    What are you watching? (television thread)

    Trailer looks fine to me. More of the same? I'm in. The character exists so it can evoke Lone Wolf and Cub. And yeah, due to its popularity online, I'd say Baby Yoda has arguably become the most important character in the Disney+ lineup :shrug:
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    Games to look forward to!

    I think MS was pretty smart in reading the room. Lacking a disc drive? Not a big deal, really. But underclocking it and trimming the cost accordingly for a more general audience is going to position them to expand their customer base beyond what Sony is offering. A limited number of fans care...
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    Games to look forward to!

    Man... The PS5 having Demon's Souls close to launch is the only thing either of the new consoles have that's tempting me to get one. :beast:
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    Movies to look forward to

    Admittedly this is a trend that got old more than a decade ago. :ganishka:
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    Movies to look forward to

    Chalamet as Paul just isn't working for me. He looks like a weepy kid recovering from a breakup. He does not evoke a natural leader, as he should. Also there's a problematic implication from the voice over from Paul and Mohiam that Leto is some failed planetary ruler. It's pretty far from the...
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    The Thread of Zelda

    My son is obsessed with BotW, so I'll probably end up with this thing... The mindless hack-and-slash of Musou games is best suited for 8-year-olds anyway :casca:
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    Berserk Whiskey - What Does it Taste Like?

    Some of you may have already seen this on Twitter, there's some Berserk-themed whiskey on sale for about $200+ for a 700ml bottle: Naturally the first question to pose upon seeing this is what exactly would a Guts and Griffith drink taste and smell...
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    The Thread of Zelda

    This is just a Musou game (like Dynasty Warriors or that terrible Berserk one a few years ago), so it's not really consequential whether you finish BotW or not. From the trailer, here's Aonuma on the status of Breath of the Wild 2:
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    What Are You Playing?

    Into the Breach is free on the Epic Games Store until Thursday. It's one of the best strategy games I've ever played.
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    What are you reading?

    Due out Sept. 15, Piranesi is the long-awaited next book from Susanna Clarke, author of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which is one of my favorite books. It's been about 16 years since then. It's not a sequel, which she's talked about writing over the years, which is a bit of a bummer. Instead...
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    The chat room has returned!

    Unfortunately there's no way for notification sounds to play if you're in a different browser tab. BUT if someone mentions you (with a @ before your name) you'll get a notification in your tab pane that looks like this: That's the best I can do for now.
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    Movies you've recently watched

    That's great to hear! I was hoping they'd pull it off and not retroactively ruin the whole thing.
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    What if you, Berserk fans, could help making an adaptation?

    I don't have any personal interest in seeing another Berserk adaptation. I think their highest and best use are as commercials for the manga. And while that's great for people who've never heard of Berserk, seeing Guts in motion doesn't do anything for me anymore. It's just a sideshow, and the...
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