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    World Economy

    I don't expect us to see recovery within 2009 honestly, or even by 2010. But I do think that the worst is over. Whatever you might think of Obama (he wasn't my choice for president) he did solve our liquidity crisis. I have a great deal of faith in our recovery because of what he, congress, and...
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    Episode 303

    What you just described is unfortunately a rather common family arrangement in Japan; much more than you might think... Just because his relationship with his son was strained doesn't mean that he didn't love/care about him either.
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    Adventures in YouTube

    This has probably been posted before already, but this was on Nico Nico Douga's top ranking for today and it is my first time seeing it. Some Italians made an independent film based on Berserk. Really nice CG effects too. I wish I could find the original...
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    Facing sentence of 20 years by owning manga

    Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition EDIT: Pointing out the most relevant part since it is a lot to read. =X
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    Episode 295

    This was really one hell of an episode! I was just expecting a small follow up with Raban and Owen. Instead we get... Shadow of the Colossus Ganishka?! :serpico: Between this and the eventual arrival at Elfhelm... I don't know how I will survive a month's wait.
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    Tankobon posters

    Wow what a relief!! :serpico: Thank you for taking the time to read/reply.
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    Tankobon posters

    I'm sorry if this question has already been answered somewhere, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me which Berserk tankobon come with foldout posters and any other additional bonuses. I recently ordered Volumes 22 and 23 from Kinokuniya and was surprised when I discovered that they...
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    Farnese and Serpico: Two Poorly Conceived Emoticons

    I dunno about the Farnese emote, but I love the Serpico emote!! :serpico: :serpico: :serpico: The Idea of Evil looks like a turkey out of the oven to me though... :idea: :chomp:
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    Episode 284

    Re: Episode 284 (+ special preview) Erm sorrie. =X Haha actually it was pretty late and I was surprised... "what a special preview!!!" :serpico: LOL But yeah I shouldn't have quoted it... sorry about that. ><
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    Episode 284

    Re: Episode 284 (+ special preview) O_o
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    Episode 287

    I don't know if this was brought up in the thread already, so I'm sorry if I'm only repeating a tired topic, but did anyone else find the first few panels of the second page a bit odd? Guts' vision changes/darkens while he's watching Casca (as if his eyesight is deteriorating) and he seems to...
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    Post Wacky Images

    Sorry if this is kind of an invasive question, but may I ask where you work, Walter? Are you a police dispatcher? :???: That picture cracks me up because it is so true. :serpico: I remember when a burglar broke into my house a few years back with a gun. I called 911 and then I called my Mommy...
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    Blade Runner theatrical re-release

    I'm really excited about this, but also worried about additional footage shot with the actors 25 years later. That makes it sound like they are going to do an epilogue of some kind, which could be good or bad. Scott has said in interviews that he considered Deckard to be a Replicant, and tried...
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    Friendly advice about P2P networks

    Ah... I play a few Korean online games and the way I get patches for them are Torrents. The companies officially release the patches for foreign players as Torrents (due to lag issues between the servers of different countries) and that is how I was initially introduced to this kind of P2P. I...
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    Friendly advice about P2P networks

    Oh... sorry, I dunno much about sites like Torrent Spy TBH. I just assumed that it was a P2P type of site where people could create Torrents for just about anything. If it is pretty much just another version of Pirate Bay though, I can understand why the RIAA or MPAA might target it...
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