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    Berserk Saga Project News

    *peeks from the shadows and waves* Hey guys. :) It's been a while! Thought I'd check out how you guys and the SK forums were doing and noticed this thread. I'm floored there was a movie released and :isidro: I had no idea! As much as I want to import the movie I think I'll wait until it's...
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    Phoenix Wright

    D:! Oh my god. I need that game. I love the Ace Attorney series. :) Apollo Justice isn't my favorite but I still enjoyed it overall. The third in the series so far my favorite.
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    Adventures in YouTube

    That was pretty interesting. :) Long time no see, guys!
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    D: Wow

    Gone for a bit and you guys change the forum! I love the new look. :) Hope you all are well! Much love, Me
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    Serious RL situation

    I think you need to be more honest with yourself and him. If you're tired of him or whatever, do yourselves both a favor and let the boy go. There must have been a reason why you cheated on him. Whatever the case, he can't be that important to you if you can't be faithful to him. I apologize...
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    Formerly passé FF fanboy thread, now miscellaneous (open mic) I thought this guy made a good Kefka. Wish it was brighter though. Winde
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    Formerly passé FF fanboy thread, now miscellaneous (open mic)

    What about Fifth Element? I really liked that movie. :) Had an angry set of moms earlier today wondering why I didn't have any Wiis today. :judo: I just sell the things when I get them! Why won't they just leave me alone! Winde, hates opening solo :puck:
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    Formerly passé FF fanboy thread, now miscellaneous (open mic)

    Re: Formerly passe FF fanboy thread (now open mic topic, join the fun) Oh! Me first! With a limited amount of funds at my disposal that must be stretched to afford a new place to live and buy a car seems almost impossible. Even though I feel slightly frustrated and a little overwhelmed, I...
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    Formerly passé FF fanboy thread, now miscellaneous (open mic)

    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Thread Hehe No I can't say I ever got around to playing that one. One version of the game was more than enough. :casca: :) Surely you know you aren't the only one to think so. And as for XIII, I'm pretty sure I read there were going to be two console games and a cell...
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    Nintendo Revolution = Wii

    All I love playing tennis. Baseball frustrates me, but then I was never great with the sport to begin with. Still trying to defeat my sister's pin record for bowling. I want to play Rayman Raving Rabbids. Those commericials for it got me interested. :)
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    Formerly passé FF fanboy thread, now miscellaneous (open mic)

    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Thread Thoughts on Final Fantasy VII... I loved it when it was released. Now I'm just kind of hoping Square-Enix will let the cash cow die. As much of a Vincent fan I was, Dirge killed it for me. Winde, only slightly devastated.  :judo:
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    The Dark Knight

    Re: Batman Begins...again Nooooooooo! :judo: I feel so disappointed. Ah well... I'll still see the movie regardless. I mean, Katie wasn't enough to stop me from seeing the first so I suppose they'll still get my money. Bleh. Winde, not happy but the world goes on
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    Superman: the movie teaser

    I really liked the movie. I think Brandon did pretty good. Can't wait for the sequel. :D I would love to post more but I don't want to risk spoiling the movie. Winde, not sure what to think of the "cute" pomeranians though...
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