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    Berserk: The Motion Comic Episode 1 - The Black Swordsman (Part 1)

    I liked this episode a lot. Good sound design, great work on the animations and the pacing is good as well. I've seen several months ago and I was honestly very impressed by it. That being said... what's the reason to remove the first scene? It may be "unecessary" for some but with context it...
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    Will Guts and Casca be able to travel together short term

    I think one of her biggest challenges will be remembering and overcoming the damage that Griffith caused her. By the way I think this will also be the final challenge before she can interact with Guts.
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    Episode 359

    Yeah,I know there's nothing confirmed yet, so it's just a vague assumption of mine. But I wonder what Guts's and Skully's reaction would be if (or when) *they finds out the truth,that .
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    Episode 359

    Hello I just saw this episode right now and oh my god,it was beautiful yet painful to read. So many emotions conveyed with just 27 pages. I'm glad to see that Miura is still a damn good writer,I never expected him to go this way with the story,nor I expected that it would be so good. Even the...
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