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    Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition

    I only buy individual volumes of Manga, but this is wonderful news. I know plenty of people would love to have a cheaper way to own the Berserk series.
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    Is Berserk "perfect" ? What do you not like about it?

    Oh, well in that case... Berserk IS a masterpiece. LOL.
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    Is Berserk "perfect" ? What do you not like about it?

    It's very likely the greatest Manga of all time, but it's not a masterpiece. There are a few things I think would have made the Manga better like making the Black Swordsman Arc after the Golden Age, or reveal the Idea Of Evil far later in the story.
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    Guts' Life

    I hear a lot of fans say he has the worst life ever. Would you agree with this opinion? I think he had a really bad start, but because of his hard work, he overcame a lot of hardships. So he has a better life now because of it.
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    Will Vagabond return in 2020? Is the end near?

    I don't think so, either. The fact that Inoue's art style has gotten worse is a bad sign, IMO.
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