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    Has anyone developed any interesting accents for characters while reading?

    Guts in my mind sounds like a gruffer Bruce Campbell.
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    Griffith's reincarnated body

    For what it's worth, in Volume 13, Slan herself entertains the notion that Guts and Casca being saved by Skull Knight was also fated to happen.
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    SkullKast: Episode 99 - When will Berserk end?

    Fair point! I guess the discussion just got my brain onto those threads. I hadn't considered these points. So Theresia's role in the story is to effectively set up how thoroughly destructive the apostles are, and also how much of a largely-thankless quest Guts is on. Thinking about her in that...
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    SkullKast: Episode 99 - When will Berserk end?

    Two things I'm wondering about that I don't believe were touched on: 1. Bechi: Any compelling speculation regarding who it might be meant for? Or is it more likely that it will go entirely unused, with the God Hand's plans possibly being unraveled before it ever reaches its destined user? When...
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    E3 2018 Reactions

    Really hyped for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As a long time fan of the series, bringing back every fighter is a bold move, and one that I never would have expected. Especially Snake. Seemed conventional wisdom that Konami were being dicks. Also hyped for Ridley; as a big fan of the Metroid...
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    Music that you associate with Berserk apart from anime/movie O.S.T.s

    New fan, and first time poster, here! Last month I read the manga over the course of a week (planning to do a second, more in depth, read soon). I didn't listen to only one album/playlist/track while reading through it, but I did listen to one in particular over all others: Overkill's The Years...
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