1:1 scale replica of Berserker Helmet!!! ***SOLD OUT***

Congrats IncantatioN!!! Glad that your collection can now be complete =). About your brand, it's probably the battery. If you switch out the battery and still no luck, then yeah, definitely email James and he will help you through it. It's possible that one of the wires came loose or something.
Thanks DirectDK! I guess I was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time :femto: ... the plate below is screwed, and I'll check it out tonight. I was too tired from coming back from the convention and opening up the stuff last night heh. I can't wait to get home, just to clear out the mess in my room and living room so I can place the 2 helmets where I want them to be. Thanks for your advice!


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Yeah, my brand's battery ran down too, I'll check out the wiring whenever I get around to replacing it. It's possible that there's a very slight contact short somewhere, since the eye light battery is still at like 95%.

Congrats getting these helmets! I hope to get in on another one in the future too.
Thanks Lithrael! I hope my brand's light issue is as simple as a lose wire too hehe. I forgot to get the screw-driver from the office janitor ... damnit!

How often and how long do you guys leave the lights on??
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