1/5 Casca by Brain Theft Studio


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Her face scares me a bit :isidro:
No offence intended, but what's your thing with using pubes on statue bases :???:
It looks totally realistic and all except for that little piece of hair on the pole (pun not intended).

Though I gotta say your skills are amazing, have you ever considered making one huge Berserk diorama?
I bet you could make a perfect recreation of the Eclipse or something like that :ubik:
Big difference when you see the Before and After pictures. I like the After better and would also like to give equal credit to the person who sculpted the kit originally for the effort and work. Good job on this project Joa!
Awesome!! The painting job is impressive! I m not fan of casca's face but It s your statue and you make a personnal choice! You can be proud of your work!
If I buy a berserk kit, I ll choose you to paint it! And of course, I hope you ll be ok :slan:! :-)

Congrats Joa!
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