1/6 Scale Horse custom for Skull Knight (Threezero) - WIP

Hello Berserker friends!
I'm starting a new custom build for Skull knight

Previously, I tested him on my old Steed (borrowed from Nazgul from LOTR)

Skull Knight is too big and the horse has short neck/Legs than it should.
It won't look right - proportion-wise, but I want to try anyways.

So I've started building the armor parts in 3D

Still WIP, and I'm running 2 projects at the same time.. Will try to update every weekend -ish.
WIP update..
Still more parts to print (and reprint), and checking the scale and fitting..etc.
A couple more weeks to go
Skipped a week due to work crunch.
Printed out most of the parts now - including new head part to go with head armor.

Looks like I need to figure out how to connect these parts. Probably leather and chain..etc

I wonder how the Skull knight sits on those spikes :D

Had to extend out the neck a little bit. It will be covered with black cloth material.

Overall shapes and parts. I will work on the cloth material and parts connection next.
*1 more primer - sanding pass
*Head modification for LED + battery box + Switch
*Black paint layer + Silver paint +Top coat
*Leather straps connecting pieces
*New Cloth draping and weathering pass
Done over 2 weekends and now it's complete :D
*Sorry for quick masking on sides of images. The 1/6 horse and Knight is too big for my photobox. I had to trim out the sides a bit..
The horse in the graphic novel is larger, skinnier... but I had to draw line somewhere to do this.

SK_HorseMod_008 by kyewans, on Flickr

SK_HorseMod_009 by kyewans, on Flickr

Now time to test with Skull Knight himself!
SK_HorseMod_011 by kyewans, on Flickr
SK_HorseMod_010 by kyewans, on Flickr

SK_HorseMod_012 by kyewans, on Flickr

SK_HorseMod_013 by kyewans, on Flickr

That completes this project! Thanks for checking out :D
Looks GREAT man! Were you tempted to give a different color-tone for Skullknight (like bone or a more weathered look)?

Also, I love your Macross work.
Thanks for feedback!
Originally when I first saw the guy in Manga way back in 1995, I imagined him being a natural bone color. I guess l got brainwashed with later Anime version colors and some illustrations.
Once you're brainwashed, it's hard to go back. :SK: :SK:

Also the Threezero skull knight already came in metallic silver, so it was easier to match it.
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