2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 1


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Yep, screen grabs of the opening consistently left me laughing, even though I liked it in motion. But really, that's the least of my concerns with this adaptation. I say bravo to the opening crew for going for it.
Dar Klink said:

This is exactly how I feel.

I'm calling it now. Out of all the animated Berserk projects, this anime is far and away the best. The other anime and movies couldn't even dream of coming close to entertaining me as much as y'all's reaction to this anime has. There is no doubt in my mind this anime is such pure gold that it'll be remembered and enjoyed by mankind for all of time. It's right up there with The Room. All it needs is someone to say," Oh, hi Guts!"
Now that I think about it, they really put some good effort into the background throughout the episode, but at what cost?


Oburi said:
Damn dude I thought you died. Best thing about these shitty animes is the chance it brings back some lost members.
Hey man. yeah, it's been a while (three years) since I been on here. I didn't watch the new Berserk movies and only made it to episode 2 of this new adaptation and I regret doing so for every reason mentioned here and on the internet. I think with the movies I would have been able to sit through them but I just can't do it with this animated series. I'm done. All they had to do was just at least do a shitty job with this adaptation and I probably would have sat through it. Hopefully the next adaptation in 20 years will be mediocre. I wonder how many spiderman reboots will there be by then.
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