2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 6

What did you think of the sixth episode of the 2016 TV series?

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Earthlingzing said:
I'm not sure if non-manga readers will be able to follow this episode
I've thought this about every single episode so far. It makes me question exactly what target audience they had in mind for this. It's not for people who haven't read the manga, and it's definitely not for people who have, so who is this for?
They probably didn't even think it out that far. They probably just started to throw together an adaptation because they could. That would explain A TON of the problems in this series... half assedly thrown together.


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I watched this with my freind who has no in depth knowledge of Berserk, he had no idea what was going on.


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Gamehowitzer said:
How often did the baby actually protect :casca: in the manga?
Quite a few times. He comes to Casca's rescue several times during the Conviction arc. The ones I can think of: by the stream, at the pagan orgy, and again from Mozgus' fire.
Would any viewer have any reason to suspect that this is Casca's baby? Actually lets back up. Would anyone even suspect she ever had a baby based on any of the animations?

It's such an important plot point, and it's completely overlooked. Griffith will be incarnated with the baby, and most viewers will be confused as to why we care that this slug monster was involved. And what the hell is it, and why is it protecting Casca.

Other glaring plot holes:
-where did the beherit that Guts has come from (unless you are counting the old anime as canon in this series)
-How is Guts surviving all these massive injuries (whoops we forgot that Puck is a mobile healing machine)


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ApostleBob said:
Would any viewer have any reason to suspect that this is Casca's baby? Actually lets back up. Would anyone even suspect she ever had a baby based on any of the animations?
I think it's pretty clear that they didn't concern themselves with what had previously been adapted, and just forged ahead from the starting point that they chose. You have to have read the manga to know some of these things.
I am still trying to figure out who they made this series for? If it is meant to attract new followers I can't imagine how because I just visualize a teenage version of myself trying to make sense out of one of these episodes in vain before turning it off in frustration and confusion. If it is meant for people who already follow Berserk than it is a slap in the face converting a beautifully drawn/written manga into the purist form of bs. I hate to say this, but the visuals of this series makes the movies look like gold. The only reason I continue to watch is to see how far the adaptation will go (sometimes you just can't look away from a train wreck) and in hopes that something good will come of it (maybe not now, but hopefully in the future).
Honestly I can't bear any of this animation. The more I watch it, the more I'm disgusted. I ended up skipping 80% of the episode. This ain't no worthy adaption of Berserk. :puck: I won't watch any of the next one.


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Aazealh said:
By the way, why the fuck did they show the eyes of the goat's head moving? They apparently mistook the scene in the manga and made it so the dude is already a monster instead of some idiot wearing a hollowed-out goat carcass. That means people won't understand what happens when the beherit apostle stings him. Gross mistake.
Ha, it was also the part of that episode (out of all the other crap) that made me mad for some reason.
Maybe because when I first read the manga, to my shame I was slightly confused by the "Goatman"at first (these creepy long arms already give him a inhuman look, didn't know what to attribute to hallucinations and not, etc) and didn't really know what to make of him in general. :farnese:

And now they go and add more confusion with the moving eye thing, why was that even here?

Oh well, another disappointing episode, the others already said everything.
I'm not really enjoying myself watching this, but curiosity brings me back weekly... reminds me of the "Kingdom" anime adaptation at the time.


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Man this one stands out for scenes that would have been amazing properly animated but that just got 1/4-assed. Any number of Luca closeups that should have been hand drawn. No innovative animation in the orgy scene at all. The beloved slap is all CGI puppets. The ought-to-be-evocative burning corpses look like CGI stills from an arcade zombie FPS. Etc.

There were a few directorial gaffes too like you guys have mentioned with Joachim's Baby Soup Adventure looking like it hadn't even been storyboarded well.

Still, I enjoyed watching it somehow. And there's a little Hirasawa at the end to raise my mood.


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ApostleBob said:
That fucking scene... Why is it so long?
Dude this scene was so important to the series. It really should have been 10 seconds longer. These animators know how to portray this series in the most perfect way....

*cries in a corner*
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