20th Anniversay Model Last repainting

I decided not to keep my 20th Anniversay Last repainting, so here is your chance to have one. I'm more than willing to pull it out of Ebay and sell it to someone here the last one sold for $2850.00. PM if you're interested and PLEASE serious offers only.

andrewdsz said:
Yea i had a feeling you were going to sell it, and i also probably know who the buyer is going to be. :guts:
So I take it you read my review? I wished they had kept the orginal color scheme :sad: Well at least I still have the black version.
If you want blood on 20th berserk either Original exclusie ver.1 or EURO is your best bet. Neither black ver. nor Last Ver. represented the blood well due to black armor. In reality if the armor is black the blood is blending in with the armor anyway... ..that just the way black/red going together in nature. Brighter armor will lights the blood up while darker armor suppresses the color.

You really should not get Last ver. and black ver. together because they are all have the black armor. Get one of the originals up to ver. EURO and you will never wanna sell any of the two.

I love my Last ver. and i will never part it to anyone. lol. :guts:
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