A Berserk Doujinshi I found

Hey I just wanted to share a bit of info about a berserk Doujin I found I guess what Stands out about this one as opposed to many of the others out their is that this particular Doujin seems to have been created by someone who actually reads and enjoys Berserk and as such has crafted this in at least what I think is a relatively respectful manner. yes it is pornographic but I believe many berserk fans could enjoy this as another piece of fan created berserk. The Doujin is called Akatsuki wo Matte or Wait for the Daybreak it is in two parts the artist is kuon michiyoshi Because it is pornographic I will not link to the entire thing but I will show one page with no naughty bits just to show the artwork

Just found out , bout to give it a read . Been looking for some doujinshi of berserk for a while but only found one other . You have any other suggestions ?
I don't really recall any that were memorable like this one every other one I found was pretty much just a set of unconnected drawings many of which were not very flattering to the series
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