About Copyright?

Serious question here fellas. I want to make a video about Berserk. But i want to get the copyright and fair use right. One: Because i don't want to get in to trouble, but also because i love Berserk and greatly appreciate Miura's work. So how would i go about this? Is a disclaimer that Berserk is Kentaro Miura's and Hakusensha's propierty enough? Input would be appreciated.


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It's nice that you're trying to adhere closely to the law, but "fair use" is pretty loose on sites like YouTube these days. I think it's enough if you give credit at the outset, and only use particular panels as visuals (not full pages), omitting the text from the pages as well. Your narration should be able to provide the detail and context necessary to make your points, with visuals serving as a reference point.
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