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The little dog he's carrying is a nice touch. A reference to Once upon a time in Mexico maybe?, arguably the first film in his string of comeback roles.


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Yeah, I believe the dog was in the movie because it was Rourke's dog and he wanted it there, so it's just a Mickey Rourke thing. Speaking of which, great commercial.
Bull gets bullfighter good:

If for some reason the link doesn't work, the video is here too:

I've never been a fan of bullfighting but I do feel sorry for the guy.


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Qui Gon Jin -- Worst Jedi Ever:

Lady GaGa gets electrocuted:
Heidi Montag's "audition" for Transformers 3

some context from the A/V Club:

Look, it’s been a long day, and we’re still more than 48 hours shy of a holiday weekend. What say we just chill for a minute and watch Heidi Montag futilely audition for a part in Transformers 3? Despite the fact that director Michael Bay is said to be closing in on British Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to replace the ousted Megan Fox, Montag continues to have her hand up (though to be fair, it’s one of the last parts of her body capable of fluid motion), insisting last week that she believes Bay is an “artistic brilliant genius” and doing everything she can to get him to seriously consider her.
In her audition tape (posted to her Facebook and picked up by RadarOnline), Montag enlists the services of American Defense Enterprises to help her prepare for her role—in “Transporter 3,” according to the retired ex-soldier or law enforcement officer who once upon a time served his country and his reward is this—by letting her stiffly run around and shoot a pistol at stationary paper targets, just like she’d be doing at those big robots in the movie! Montag posted the video to what she thought was Michael Bay’s Twitter page, whereupon it promptly made it out to the rest of the Internet to help you wile away the next 28 seconds of your life. Enjoy.
Dan Deacon Liam Lynch Drinking Out of Cups
"Ok so you need to hear the backstory on this before you watch it. A couple friends got together and all decided to drop some acid and next thing you know one went into a closet and started talking to himself and they recorded it. Then they decided to animate it with a gecko."

I'm gonna go ahead and say... NSFW (language)

i don't know why they chose a gecko? i can't stop imagining Vinny Barbarino....


praise be to grail!
aufond said:
Honestly try and get through this without abiding to the title..
Agh... Thought I could do it. I was doing just fine until
"Why doesn't he want me??"


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If Empire Strikes Back was made in the 1950s:

It's really remarkable how he assembled all these clips of old scifi movies into something both convincing and hilarious.



Watch this whole video, you'll be better for it. : )
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