Afro Samurai Trailer

Cool looking trailer. May not be work safe, lots of blood and some language at the end. Can't wait to see the show. I had to stream it because of problems with the downloads not opening in QT or WMP. Not sure if it was on my side or their's.


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blacksploitation in anime, too?

My first reaction, tho, was that this has to be the most boring premise on the planet. Even the animation was cliche.

sammy is great in boondocks... i was slightly interested in the trailer until i heard the dalogue at the end... totally ruins the feel... was the vocal audio ripped from another movie? it sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom with a shit mic... well, it couldnt be any worse than samurai champloo...
I'll check it out. Sam Jackson voicing a black samurai should be interesting for the oddity alone and yeah, the part at the end was pretty damn annoying. Otherwise it looked alright, and I dont see the problem with the animation, was pretty smooth.
I think they probably figured out with this one that 'people with swords' and Samuelle must mean ratings canon....

Regardless of their intentions, I would still most likely watch it when bored or something.

It might make for a nice filler (of swords and blood) while I wait for Ninjai to finally complete another episode :troll:
Psymont 2.0 said:
it sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom with a shit mic...

Hahahaha. That's exactly what I though too. But then I remembered that "Weird Al" Yankovic's debut album was written, produced and recorded right in the boys' room, and even then the songs on that CD sounded alright. So I think the Afro Samurai has been recorded someplace much worse than john.
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