Hi all guys!!!

I am a great berserk fan and i am an "artist" (i play instruments, draw, sculpt, paint, create, animate ecc...)

I'm not a big fan of social media so it is great for me to see there is still someone using forum as i did years ago. is it more "human", "deep" and "private" people contact/connection. :)

right now i am painting a commission of the amazing 3D berserk bust from Theoden. (guys this is an AMAZING bust, the most beautiful berserk stuff i've ever seen)
i will post all wips of my painting job hoping u'll like it.

cya guys :carcus:

p.s. hi Aazheal :)


even the horses are cut in half!
Eneshi said:
Excellent work btw! I can't paint worth a flip, strictly pencil stuff for me.
That's pretty much the same thing with me. I'm used to work with black and white illustrations but I suck with colors. I'll actually start an illustration in a couple of day that I want to color with pencils.
I feel you there. I eventually switched from coloring my art in with colored pencils, to using pens and permanent markers. Gives it a different kind of look and also fills in areas more evenly. I don't have to watch so closely how hard I press on the page or even in what direction I color. Plus the color stays bright for longer. Finding the exact right color in a pen can be a bit of a bitch though haha. You might try it out and see if you like it, I enjoy it.
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