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Re: AOW - new statue coming out in Nov

Rhombaad said:
I'll never understand how these statues get to the final stage with something like the DS's handle being twice as long as it should be.
You kidding me? :iva: Thats one thing I´ve always liked about Guts´ swords. I mean isnt it supposed to be long as hell? Its both cool and more logical that way since the "blade" part is so ridiculously huge, plus the majority of Guts´ slashes his way of holding it is almost reminiscent of how you would hold a spear/halberd rather than a sword, so it only makes sense that its long...

Oh and if that´ll indeed be the price everyones speculating, I wont be able to afford it even if I use my savings account AND begging family/relatives for early-christmas-present-money.
hubalo said:
i totally agree, their products are way too over priced, i have other statues from tsume for example and their painting and sculpt is awsome something that cant be said from aow always, besides i dont think the paintng quality is the reason for their exsesive prices, because their unpainted kits are also way too overpriced
Exactly. I Don't see how the painting justifies the price argument, since they overprice EVERYTHING .from acrylic panels, to rings, unpainted kits, and now $300 for a low quality toy ( the soft sword).

Anyway, congrats to whoever can/wants to afford their current prices. I just think that its only fair to criticize their policies, since we're fans and they have the licence for the series...
Another thing besides their pricing policies are their extreme low production numbers. Some of the rare repaint are limited as low as 10 pieces, added more to the collection value. I'm not saying their prices are great, in fact myself are very much hating their outrageous rates but at the same time keep jumping into the hole......
So I got a priority pre-order mail from Art of War today.


- It costs 100 000 yen for the exclusive version / 97 000 yen for standard version
- Both versions have Berserker armour head and Guts Human version
- Exclusive attachment is the Beast of Darkness (they call it Berserker Wolf)
- You can say how many you want, they add "*Not over 3 pieces please." (this made me laugh)
- AoW has put up vids on youtube with detailed Pictures

I think the statue itself does look great, and Guts (human) looks spot-on imo. The paint application is fantastic, and I love the base. those small saltwater pellets on the skull completely sells it as something that happened on the high seas. I am glad that we are seeing alot of new pieces lately, it seems like the complaints have paid off ? maybe they've come to their senses? Besides the price, I think this is a fantastic piece.

I don't want to support their outrageous pricing, so I am not going to buy this. I was told in the e-mail not to paste links to fan sites, but they never said anything about the info. (I love semantics)

Hope this is helpful.
thanks very much Liad.

price is still very high... but it seems they have reconsidered some points and some messages are disappeared from their web site and facebook page.

the statue is stunning... really love the color scheme.

however the face without helmet is the same exact sculpt of the Guts 1/6 2010 statue, I guess. :schnoz:
Edited text of the email.

Product Information:
Size: H52cmxW31cmxD30cm (Non Scale)
Estimated Delivery Date: February-March, 2014
Price : 100,000 Yen for exclusive version(limited to 77 pieces) ・ 97,000 Yen for Standard version (limited to 33 pieces)
*Totally 110 pieces this time.
Difference between two versions: Berserk Wolf as attachment for the exclusive version (Others are all the same)
Material: Polystone
Attachment for both versions: Guts’ head in human version (two heads), Serial number name plate.
*Please kindly be aware that the final product may have some differences to the HP pictures.
If you are concern about any parts or colors, please kindly confirm with us before your pre-order.
For Youtube videos of the statue, visit the AOW page and they'll have 2 videos.

Pictures sent in the email below -

For scale reference, here's another picture. It's a snapshot taken from one of their Youtube videos at the 1:36 mark.

Dr.Legato said:
They ACTUALLY listened to my feedback! But this price... I cannot buy it T_T
Do share, if you can.
I'm disappointed with this piece, personally. The face sculpt doesn't look ANY BETTER than previous sculpts. Totally disappointed with the face. Ugh.

But the rest of Guts (and with the helmet) looks fantastic.

However... hm the base... I don't know. I know it wouldn't be accurate to have the skull facing frontwards, but I gotta say it looks a bit odd the way it is now. The base looks so random to me.

The size is also a little off putting. I can't really tell what scale this statue is closest to. Even that iphone pictures is tough to gauge cuz of the angle.

And finally, the "Berserker Wolf". This is something I've been asking AOW to do for years. I wish they would have just make a 1/6 wolf instead. This one looks so tiny. I hope it is at least 1/10... But looking at the details on it, I'm not even sure if it's even that big...


Art of War Supporter
IncantatioN said:
For scale reference, here's another picture. It's a snapshot taken from one of their Youtube videos at the 1:36 mark.

Do share, if you can.
I've been asking for this pose for a long time now and the "Berserker Wolf" was my entry for the contest a few years back.
Also, the black armor was one of the things I requested.

One small complaint though, (aside from the price) the different "eye" colors however, I don't really like that.
the head without helmet looks awkwardly large in compare with the tiny waist, and the total size of the body is only as long as an iPhone 5? The exclusive wolf doesn't seem too appealing to me... Skullknight's egg of world is much better...

So this statue is indeed like 1/6? I'm not sure.
Armored_Berserk said:
Well it seems that nobody cares about what AOW said in the email ---> Please do not paste the links to any fan site :troll: :schnoz:
My understanding from the email is that 'links' referred specifically to the Youtube videos since it was right under the video links and those were the only links enclosed in their email. Those have not been posted.

Since it's confusing, I shall edit my post to play it safe.
Hah Legato....this is going to be hard to pass for me. Would think it'd be hard for you to pass also, you've been wanting this Guts for awhile now.

I'm a sucker for this kind of pose with Guts (like the infamous headlong kit). I have to say like everyone else the pricing is out of wack but on the bright side....100,000 is better than 120,000 heh. Guess I'm not on their cool peep list to get the exclusive preorder offer heh. Thanks for posting the info all.
The whole base looks ridiculous and is the most off putting about this piece. I agree with the scale being completely off on Guts, he has the body of a kid. It might just be the odd angles/lenses though, it's hard to tell. As DirectDK said the face is awful and I don't think there has ever been a Guts with a decent face.

Completely incompetent people in charge or what the hell is going on?
I´m a little disappointed with the overall result. Face sculpt is the same, not that great, and size is misleading. It looks more like a 1/8 , 1/7 scale.
The base is just to make the price steeper. Also , why the hell are the eyes different colours? Not worth price IMO, I'd rather wait for a better piece, or hire a sculptor ;)
Feels like a must buy, but that price...MAN! Thats gonna ruin me. I hate AoW right now.

On a side note, I wonder what ideas they'd have for a re-paint :iva:
They probably gonna do a bloody hell ver. limited 50 pieces. Of course no beast attachment. Or bloodly silver armor ver. can be another choice. I'm not going to wait for the repaints even through im sure they are going to come up with one at least.
Paint work looks pretty amazing as usual,but still not a fan of the statue in general having such a detailed base facing backwards is kinda annoying even tho i know it fits the scene the best part for me is the berserker wolf!!! :beast: :ubik: :beast: why oh why couldn't they do that as a stand alone statue instead! I doubt well ever get another one by it's self either :farnese:
I think the statue is interesting. The paint job is amazing, especially on the cloak.

As you can see on this pic I made, the waist size is about right on AoW's rendition.

Since I've worked myself awhile now on Guts, I'm kind of used to know the proportions of the character and his armor.
I can say about it that the armor is kind of "melting" with the shape of Guts's body, and is totally reshaping his morphology.

His waist should be wider with all the muscles Guts has. However, maybe the head is indeed too large.
About the base, I think it's a very good job on the details and paint job, but choosing this whole piece is a wrong choice I believe.
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