AOW - Guts Hundred Man Slayer Diorama auction

* 'The guts hundred person it cuts,' [diorama] 1 point thing original work period limited auction
Commodity number: 160 price: 580,000 Yen (including tax)

<< ART OF WAR first plan >>
The [konbini] limited sale MBR comics “[beruseruku]” where the stock being cut off store appears it completes once with the last sale of September 27th (Thursday) 12 volumes. Don't you think? anew the one which becomes “the [beruseruku]” fan, in addition estimate from the many people who are the fan, it was possible from the [te] again to receive Sawayama's support message. Commemorating this, the MBR comics 3 volume color publication 'guts hundred person it cuts and' sells [diorama] (1 point thing original works) in the first respective company auction. At the beginning, because of the [diorama] work of 1 point ones which are produced just for publishing, two very much it is the valuable it does not exist work in the world.
<[beruseruku] 7 volume - decision dead line ->
Tudor empire [adon] the guts which challenges the fight of one person decision death which passes in the 傭 soldier corps hundred or more it leads. The name scene of legend of group cutting into captain age of the 鷹 reading the collar increases by force of 1/10 scales.
The blood which scatters with large sword one inclination of guts draws the arc, 5 soldiers who wear the shell 冑 every shell 冑 are destroyed with single blow, cutting off the instant of world view of [beruseruku] just, it reappeared. The ogre air of the guts which challenges the fight of decision death the scene which is approached was reproduced.

Size: Width approximately 90cm depth approximately 60cm guts total height approximately 19cm (1/10 scales)
Material: Person = [purakiyasuto], based = [sutairohuomu], gypsum, lumber and other things

The ■ART OF WAR production 'guts hundred person it cuts,' the [diorama] 1 point thing original work
* Sale method: ART OF WAR HP auction
* Lowest bidding price: From 300,000 Yen (tax removal) ~
* Bid period: 2007 September 21st (Friday) 11: 00 start ~25 days (Tuesday) 19: 00 ends
* Method of application: Purchase desired one, in regard to clearly writing, please sends the name bid amount to the below-mentioned E-mail address. We send the folding reply mail. Only the highest bidding price at present time is raised to HP.
(As for bid to this:
September 25th 19: At the point in time when it passes 00, to the highest bidder, you communicate from this corporation. (26 days 19 after the bidding successfully and within 24 hours: Up to 00) when the verification with the mail and the telephone does not take, because there is no successful bid right, beforehand acknowledgment.

September 21st 11:21: The highest bid amount 580,000 (bidder ID: 6577)
* For fixed time renewal, there are times when bid is not directly reflected.

* Payment
After the successful bid decision notifying, September 28th (Friday) morning 11: We request payment in full transfer to our company designated account up to 00.
Bank inclination being packed [kurejitsutokado] liquidation postal above transferring you can choose from 3 kinds.
(To time limit when you cannot verify transfer, to candidate of the next point automatically right is moved.)

* Concerning the delivery (key fact)
We deliver after October 9th after the payment verifying, on the basis of demand.
This product is drawn up to the last as [diorama] for photographing. Because there is no package as a commodity dispatch is not possible. Because of that the delivery is description below.
Direct delivery (by car directly delivery) however, it becomes Kanto one capital six prefectural limitation. Area other than the following, by the car coming to taking to the Ginza showroom, you limit to the one which it can receive.
Direct shipping charge (by car directly delivery)
Tokyo Nihonbashi base point, to city center ~30 kilometer inside basis =10,500 Yen (including tax)
Area above that =21,000 Yen (including tax)
(* As for remote place and the mountainous region where it exceeds 100 kilometers separate consultation. It does not do overseas dispatch.)

You contribute portion of the auction profit, to the charity of the Nakagoe earthquake suffering area which is the [yu] temporary area of Kensin's Warring States general Uesugi who is our company company name.
If you can rejoice with auction, MBR as a new Japanese bitterling proposition to everyone supporting “[beruseruku]” and “ART OF WAR”, it is fortunate.

Bid deals with 18 years old or more. Because of the work of point ones, because you cannot receive the exchange of the product, the cancellation after the paying and repayment, we ask acknowledgment beforehand.

It is complete sale. Thank you.




guts said:
I think a better statment would be "Is that you Derek, who placed 580,000Yen!" :isidro:

HAHA. No, it was not me. In fact, I don't think I'll be able to swing this one. If it's already at 580,000 yen in one day... sheeeyit! I don't dare to see what it will end for. Sadly, I think this is one auction I won't be winning!!! :judo:

And wow, Maiku, you're really gonna bid?? If you win... I will kiss your feet... All over... top and bottom. :beast:


Harg, that's to expensive but the item is very nice. Whatever if one uf us won this I wonder how we could receive it as there is no box, the item is said to be delivery by car... :???: How could we, oversea, get it ?


Staff member
Genome said:
Whatever if one uf us won this I wonder how we could receive it as there is no box, the item is said to be delivery by car... :???: How could we, oversea, get it ?

Well, AOW isn't opening it to their overseas clients it seems, but if you were to get it through a broker, you'd have to pay for a very expensive shipping method, probably through a specialized transporter.


Yep that's true, the english page on AOW web site don't even mention this auction item. Whatever I hope this not going to give AOW the idea of making a few of those great pieced and sale them only by auction. Regarding money, it's the best benefit for them they could ever make. For this item, starting at 300,000 yens they already repay the investisment and make benefit on it so what about 580,000 yens.
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