Berserk AMV/Berserk-inspired Music

Hey all! Berserk has been my #1 favorite piece of art across any medium for years now, just caught up with Vol. 39.

These forums seem really dope and looking forward to perusing around and chatting with y'all.

I just made an AMV for the 90's TV series set to my band's Berserk-themed song "Behelit."

Let me know what you think and rec some other Berserk related music that you know! :badbone:
Hey! Nice AMV, I enjoyed it. It's been a while since I watched one.

Oh and btw, nice sound quality, well recorded song! :SK: Wanna leave some links of the band's material?
Thanks so much and super glad you enjoyed it! :guts:

You can find us on

We have one full-length album recorded thus far and are planning on recording a new EP around March/April. Also in the process of booking some weekend tours.

I'd say we're a strong rec for fans of Sentenced, Anathema, Baroness and Iron Maiden.

Berserk is a huge influence and will continue to be!
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