Berserk items for sale


kono sekai ni wa
Hi guys,
I'm currently selling several items on my ebay account (clear files, beherits, post cards, figures, banpresto prizes, mini mud golem garage kit....)
You may have a look here
I'm living in France, so the texts are in french, don't hesitate to leave me a message or ask me anything about the items shipping costs/discuss prices/combine items...

I also have for sale a Judeau normal version :judo:, a Guts Ichiban Kuji Banpresto prize :guts:, a Troll with a broken arm :troll:, a Kuri Puck smile face (polystone one) :puck:, and several mini Griffith+Guts Banpresto prize

BTW i'm currently trying to complete my trading card collection, if anyone of you have some for sale/trade please let me know I'll pm you my list (I've already asked Tirade, and waiting for his response)

Thanks for your attention
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